December 21, 2005

Proverbs 21:2 All a man's ways seem right to him, but the Lord weighs the heart.

Lots of things to blog about today.....

*Today winter is offically here! We've gotten a lot of winter weather this fall. I wonder what winter will bring? The other day it felt alomst like spring when it got over the freezing mark.

*I've memorized the first 42 verses of the first chapter of John. (I wish I would have done some serious memorizing before, the older you get the harder it is!)

*My fiddle has a loose sound post, due to a change in humidity (it's so DRY here) and it's making the A flat (on the D string) bubble and crack. It's so weird. No other note has been affected. Touché things these violins, very high strung...

*Check out This place has some nice free cross stitch downloads, lots of cross stitch links, a cool looking catalog, and more. They were very gracious and replaced the color chart of the project I'm currently working on which I accidentally left in a pocket and put through the wash and found in a bunch of small, unintelligible pieces.

*Bonnie got this interesting book about the the great Mt. Everest at a second hand store. The little pull outs were neat, although, I could have done without the Buddhist prayer flag. The view from the mountain looks spectacular! Wow. Did you know there is a 'yellow band' around Everest, made up of limestone and shale, and in that band there are billions of fossilized sea creatures? Good evidence of a worldwide flood, don't you think? The form you have to fill out so they know how to dispose of your body (!), and the stories of people who didn't make it back down, were all quite, eh, interesting. I don't think I want to try climbing Everest anytime soon! Particularly at $70,000 a whack.

*Our friends, the Dortignacs, made it back to CA. (Welcome home!)

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