March 07, 2005

I find myself apologizing again for being a poor blogger! Life is busy.

We’re back from the Florida Tour! I really enjoy being out on the road but home is a special place and there is ‘no place like home’. But actually now that I’m thinking about it, what is home? A house? The people? The bus is getting very familiar and the people on the bus haven’t changed except for the occasional visitor. So the bus is home away from home. Actually, I’m just a passin’ through this world, my real home is in heaven. I so enjoyed having my room back and having a larger selection of clothing and shoes to choose from! It seems I ruin all the clothing I bring on trips. Really too bad, I’m learning to pack things I won’t mind seeing destroyed. I really tried to pack light for this trip. My siblings were not impressed. *sigh* I tried... really! The clothing probably seems to be closing in on me like a monster. I was complaining to Bonnie how I have clean out and she looked around he room and said it wasn’t that bad. Then she looked in the closet. She screamed. I need to get rid of stuff. I got rid of a pair of black heels the other day and I felt so good about it! I had worn these things for years and they were my favorites but I have no reason to keep them since I already have several replacements.

Back to the Florida Trip .....the weather was lovely for the most part. I think Florida could have been warmer. But, hey it was January! We got some nice 70’s in southern part of FL. It probably was a good thing the weather wasn’t extremely warm. Our generator broke twice (!) on this trip, meaning no AC! Same part went bad each time, it’s still not working. We met a lot of wonderful people and made new friends at churches and nursing homes.

We spent a week and a day in Alabama with friends. Friends who play bluegrass and ride motorcycles. Though, not at the same time. : ) We had a wonderful time there despite the fact our bus sunk 8 inches into the mud in the driveway! We thought if we didn’t get it out they could have it for a lawn ornament. They didn’t seem to mind the idea. With the Lord’s help and hours of digging we were able to extract the bus from the miry pit and set it on solid ground. We had two rousing games of capture the flag in the woods, one in camo! I’ve been told camo doesn’t look good on me, but it sure beats pink when it’s a life or death game. ; ) My team lost both times. Ah well... yours truly was air hockey queen. : ) Haha... that had to be freak accident. We were able to do several joint concerts with the Godin Family, lots of fun and some great ministry times. It’s amazing to me how many churches had such great food afterward. Nothing like southern cooking.

We visited one more church on the way back home in North Carolina. What a blessing it was to visit First Assembly of Concord. The Mexican food was great! We were taken out to Pizza Hut by the Matson family for a time of food and fellowship afterwards.
Thanks guys!

Praise God for His provision!

Till next time...