March 25, 2013

60 free prints - for you!

Hi folks!

Carol is posting two days in a row? I must have CBD (compulsive blogging disorder ; )  I wanted to share this deal with you...if you are a new customer to York photo you get 60 free 4X6 prints for free if you use the link I provide here. In case you missed it, click here. :)  I was wondering about shipping when I first heard but it's super cheap, under $4's. I lost my own wedding album/scrapbook with a lot of printed photos and I was able to replace them through this. Yahooooo! Looking forward to filling up the new album now. :) When I have time....hehe. Joanna is a doll and I love her to pieces, but I don't as much done as I use to. :) It is a blessing to live with a lot of people in the house so I can have bathroom breaks and of course moment like this to blog. But, I'd better get off right quick so I can get MORE things done before munchkin returns.

Have a great day and don't forget to click here and sign up for York and get your free 60 prints!


March 24, 2013


Hello blogging world and readers.

Arriving safely home from an 8 week singing trip last week made me think we had stepped back into Christmas. It couldn't help but think of that looking at ALL that snow on the coniferous trees!  I was too lazy to grab a picture, but I was very busy unpacking to my credit. We are now cozily settled back into our little apartment.

Joanna and I had some fun times after church taking photos. Here's a sampling!

She LOVED playing with the props. 
She was under supervision for anyone nervous about the beads.... :)

Here's another I said we had fun! 

As you might have noticed EVERYTHING goes in the mouth these days. :)

Ok, I need to let my darling have a turn on the computer.