September 14, 2009

Hello from dark and cool Colorado! That's only because it's night time now. It was quite warm today. While I have a nice strong wifi spot and I have a little time before I must lay me little head on the cutely colored pink pillow of my cousin's I thought I'd put an update up. :) Here's a macro from this week....

I've limited myself in speaking these days. I took almost a whole day off of talking. [After a couple hours of that Nathan reacted with this statement: "oh so THIS is what heaven is like!" : P ] My voice has really gotten to be quite raw feeling these past few weeks. Before we left it wasn't feeling great and combining that with a lot of talking and laughing and tons of concerts it's just a bad mix. I love typing now. It requires no strain of those precious muscles. Except when I see something funny on-line....LOL doesn't keep me from laughing for real (which can hurt as much if not worse than talking). So if you're reading this and talk to me for the next two weeks please limit conversation to morbid things such as war, famine and pestilence and the use of deadly chemicals against the great tomato horn worm. : P Thank you for your cooperation in this matter. If I bring up anything funny you have permission to beat me with wet noodles.

We're visiting family here in CO which has been great! We had a really full day yesterday with three concerts. One insanely early in the morning. Sorry, if any of you all are reading this from that church but...LOL, who on earth voted to have a service at 8:15am on a regular basis??!! :D

This is the first and last sunset we, should I say I saw. We were socked in almost the whole time we were here.

Other cool thing I want to share, I figured out it's cooler to sleep with the fan running in this room I'm borrowing. AND, that God is so incredibly good. I'm so so thank for Jesus. "I have found a friend in Jesus...." I love that song. "In trouble He's my strong and mighty tower..." Through all the heartache, pain and struggle God sends peace, refreshment and joy. Praise God from whom ALL blessings flow!

September 08, 2009

Hellooooooo all you folks out there. :)

I am needing to blog some amazing pictures of the Badlands but it shall have to wait as I have no photos on the laptop yet.

How's that for a teaser? :D

This whole trip has been a whirlwind. I got to meet Abigail Paul and her lovely family...that was really fun.

I got to milk a goat....

And, the water fight in NY was a blast.

I <3 traveling!!!