May 30, 2005

Memorial Day

Thank you to all the families that have lost sons and brothers for my freedom. Your sacrifice will not be forgotten. I know my family would be deeply affected if my brother or dad had given the ultimate sacrifice. What in incredible opportunity our veterans have given us. We’re free to worship God in our own way, free to produce Christian material, free to educate our children, free to fly flags (at least in some neighborhoods), free to hold meetings, free to vote and so much more. Our town recently had a meeting and on the agenda was the issue of appointing town offices instead of electing them. Thankfully, the town voted to keep the current voting method. But it is frightening to see all the people who were so willing to toss out voting because ‘they didn’t feel qualified’ to put a treasurer or clerk in office. If you truly feel inadequate to vote, please don’t. Thank you also the Supreme Being, God who sets governments in place and appoints kings and princes. To all glory and praise be Yours!

May 26, 2005

Gone With the Wind - Movie review
My first post from the new computer! (Happy birthday dad!)

Bonnie and I were browsing our local library’s collection of visual material last week. They have such a limited supply of suitable material that doesn’t have a big fat R on the back which we haven’t see yet. We were mildly excited about the new 4 DVD set of Gone With the Wind, with lots of behind the scene and an interview with Olivia de Havilland. After all, it sounded like a classic, maybe a hidden gem. The first part was fine for the most part just a little depressing about the war and how the infamous Scarlet copes with that. (Not to mention marrying a man she doesn’t like in the least and seeing and not getting over her beloved Ashley marrying someone else.) The second part was ridiculous. GET OVER ASHLEY LADY! Please, it’s ruining the whole movie. Throughout the film I was indignant with Scarlet for being such a bore and never learning her lesson. The bright spot was Melanie. She thought the best of the situation and of people. Rhett was okay... At least he married Scarlet, although walking out at the end was not good, even if she did deserve it. I was very disappointed with the ending. “Tomorrow is another day!” Oh brother! Another day for what? Scheming, plotting and dishonesty?! I have decided that Gone With the Wind is over rated and would be a total waste of time if it wasn’t for the cool costumes. Of course we were watching over half of it in black and white until we figured out the dvd player was broken, so I miss almost all the colors of the costumes. The behind the scene interview with Ms. De Havilland was interesting. I loved the pink background/setting she’s in. Very pretty. (BUT there is a wrinkle on the bottom of the curtain on the right. Lol… Maybe I’m too picky…) OK. Done with the ranting. My apologies to all you “Gone With the Wind” fans. I just don’t get it.

[I’m sure Bonnie’s going to enlighten us with her take on this subject. Her version will be more eloquent than mine but I wanted to write about it anyway.]

May 19, 2005

Oh -- what a blank mind have. LOL. This is going to be a rambling blog. I've been
working on touch typing with the Mavis Beacon course. I'm doing okay, 40 wpm is my
top speed. I'd like to reach 60. We'll see. The spring weather is so lovely! The lilacs are sweet smelling....the breeze is warm...the trees are green. Is there a place in the country that it's always spring? I wish. Maybe that wouldn't be a good idea, May flies year round would not be nice. :p Do both of my readers have problems loading my blog? If you could leave a comment or im me, I need to know if this is just my computer. I though it was just my computer until recently but another person told me they had trouble too. Try pushing the resize button on your browser and that usually works. Well, I'm off to wash my hair and eat another of Bonnie's scrumptious apple muffins. What would we do without Bonnie?? (We'd be thinner, that's for sure!)

May 17, 2005

I suppose all good things must come to an end. The show Sue Thomas F.B.Eye is airing it’s final episodes! I don’t mean to be a cry baby but.....BOO HOO! It was a mighty fun show while it lasted. The show was inspired by the real life of a deaf woman named Sue Thomas who worked for the F.B.I for 3 years. She has lead a challenging and inspiring life. You can view her website here. Get info on the show here. Good-bye Sue and cast! I'm going to miss y'all - perhaps I'll catch you in the reruns.

May 12, 2005

Happy Mothers Day

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Time goes by so fast;
You have eight children at last!
You have musically inspried us,
And now we have a bus!

Thank you for caring enough to homeschool,
You've given us quite a tool.
To teach your self is the best,
And now we can learn all the rest.

Your Christian character is strong,
We've been blessed to have you to lean on.
Through think and thin you're helped us out,
To keep our cool instead of shout.

I apologize for this poor rhyme,
Maybe it will be better next time.
Lots of love and prayers today,
We love you now and always!

Happy Mothers Day!

May 06, 2005

UGH! I feel so bad for not writing up a good blog, but I’m so tried (and I have yet to come up with the subject which to write about). But, just to let y'all know I haven't forgotten about blogging I’ll bore you with my day! We worked on the bathroom this morning and then we fixed the wheelbarrow, which needed a new wheel. Then we stacked 4 cords of wood. My back is going to be talking to tomorrow at the studio. In between all that we had lunch and supper. Oh ...and I walked across the rope the boys rigged up. They have three steel cables stretched and secured between two trees. One to walk on and two to hold on to. They were so sure I wasn’t going to do it. So there Vincent!

The Grand Canyon was so beautiful. Someone once said if the Grand Canyon was created as a result of God punishing the earth imagine what something created as a reward will be like. God's awesome!

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May 03, 2005


One of the perks of singing around the country is seeing America the beautiful! This is a shot of a butte we happened across in Arizona last fall. It seems so long ago. The sky out west is so big, particularly for a gal like me from trees-blocking-my-view New England. :)

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May 02, 2005

The Persecuted Church
This subject been heavy on my mind lately. It’s quite a heavy subject. I can’t imagine the horrible things Christians in around the world are going through because of their faith in Jesus. When I do imagine it I get sick to my stomach. I live in America, home of the free where no one is putting me in prison for sharing my faith with a co-worker, no one from my family is pressuring me to renounce my faith, no one is banging down my church door and shooting at me, no one has sent me a death threat, no one has threatened to harm my family....yet. Christians all over the world are experiencing these same things and much worse. Now, I know persecution is nothing new; Jesus said if they hated me they will hate you. But because I live in the US I’ve been sheltered from that hatred, it’s not at my doorstep. (Slowly but surely life and the right and respect of life is ebbing away in our beloved states. Terri Schiavo is an example and just the beginning of murdering handicapped people. Take a look at history folks, Hitler did the same thing and it led to the killing of millions of people deemed ‘unfit’ to live. It’s only a matter of time before America becomes a communistic socialist wasteland. That may sound pessimistic but God can’t wait forever to judge the earth. Get on your knees and pray that God will heal this land. If you don’t know you creator I would suggest getting to know him.) I believe eventually Christians in this country too will have to choose between the New World Order and Jesus Christ. I pray I will be ready to make the correct choice. This has deepened my view of scripture and how important it is to have ‘hidden in my heart’ as the Psalmist says. The Bible tells us to pray for this in prison, mistreated and persecuted as if we were there with them. Please remember to pray for the persecuted church, they are our brothers and sisters in Christ.