January 24, 2012

Midnight arrivals. Early mornings.

I took a nap this morning. :yawn:

We have been working in the prisons and preparing for that ministry this week. Since the bus is only crawling along at 40 mph it makes any late nights even later. Looking forward to getting that rear end fixed!!

Seth and I have been entertaining ourselves on long afternoons in the bus quite well.

I've found a few things to take pictures of here and there. (Click for a larger view. Can you see the bug?)

[edit: wow! I was tired. Here's the photo I missed!]

Could be over processed for the taste of some but I liked the underwater feel. :)

Have a good day everyone!

January 17, 2012

Seth & I on the bus for the Winter Tour 2012!

We are enjoying our second trip married.

Thanks, Hannah for the photo :)

January 02, 2012

Oh wow. New Years Day has come and gone. Christmas has come and gone. Sorry for all the silence. :blush: I have been up to my ears in mixing down our new album. It's a TON of work. Seth has been a hero and sat next to me and helped me. I wouldn't have finished if it wasn't for him. Speaking of Seth, he had a birthday on Christmas day. :)

He had fun opening all the "weird" packaging, and special instruction with the gift (like "case [of said gift] not included")

We had a lovely singing at the nursing home that morning and eating together with friends for lunch. We had cheese cake on special request of the birthday man.

In my spare moments I've been writing "thank you" note for our second reception. Only have about 3 or 4 left.

In my VERY spare time I've been learning how to make yoyos! I made my first few out of some silk and lining from some stained pants from our local thrift[store]. It was going to be thrown out. Obviously I only used the non-stained portions in my yoyos. It's a lot of fun to think how many different unique fabrics that would normally just be thrown away would make gorgeous quilts. That's probably how quilting started anyway, old clothing fabrics reused. Nowadays we have lots of beautiful, lush (uh, expensive) fabrics to choose from and there are so many cool projects if you have all the money in the world. But, I'm not sure it beats the thrill of upcycling!

Hannah and I cut out a bunch to work on while we're traveling this winter.

These are mostly old nightgowns. Haha. The recycling never ends! ;)

Ok. I gotta go now because Matthew needs to teach me one more thing to finish the album. Ahhhhhhhh....I will be so happy when this is OVER. :D

P.S. Happy New Year!