September 30, 2006

The news is that the bus is fixed! PTL! What a tremendous victory and answer to prayer. Check out Bonnie’s site for a succinct explanation!

We sang after church at the Myer’s house on Sunday.
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From Sunday afternoon...
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How many people can you fit on a golf cart?

We’ve been phoning people in this area to schedule concerts. Last night, at just the right time, someone called us to sing this Saturday. So, we’ll be here at least until then. We’re praying for God’s plan to be made clear where and when to go from here.

We are so grateful that the Lord brought the Myers into our lives and we appreciate their friendship and commitment to the Lord so very much. I know y’all, or most of y’all, will be reading this so, thank you guys, again.

More pictures…..

I know I’ve slacked off on getting these out. I haven’t been taking many recently so some of these are from Hannah Myers. Thanks Hannah. :-)

We’ve been playing volleyball almost every night.
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Vincent and Peter felt confident to take on everyone else. They beat us!

Bonnie and I have been learning how to quilt with the quilter and teacher, Hannah.

The quilting bug has bitten hard. :) Bonnie’s planning on finishing two more before we leave.
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The finished products.
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Up close.

I’m looking forward to setting up some space at home to start quilting more seriously. I think if I rearrange my room I will be able to set up a desk and use the new industrial machine we’re suppose to take home with us. ;-)

We’ve also been playing Dutch Blitz A LOT. :D Dad started playing and we even got mom and Mrs. Myers to join us one night.

We’ve been helping Jonathan on his house and Mr. M on his. The echo in the house was fantastic for a capella singing. :-) It’s so pleasant to join voices to praise God!

September 25, 2006

A Kentucky sunrise...

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Sorry for not updating sooner! They had a flood in E-Town and the phones were out Saturday. A good excuse for not blogging then, eh? ;-)

The first mechanic was no help! He basically wants to rebuild the engine and not diagnose the problem. We then took it to a Detroit mechanic. We then found out, after several paid hours of them poking around and messing things up, WE knew more than they did. AH! We could only go 25 mph up the hills now compared to 38 mph. We're now looking at replacing some more injectors. Please keep praying we figure out what's going on! Oh and the alternator turned out to be a loose wire, thank the Lord.

Other than that we're having a great time at the Myers house. :-) What a place to be stuck. We've played Dutch Blitz every night. The church service yesterday was great. What a blessing!

We saw the neatest lightening storm on Friday night. Even with all that lightening I still had a hard time getting a picture of it. : P

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Till next time...

P.S. Sorry the pictures are so big. I'll try to fix that later.

September 20, 2006

We're in Kentucky because it looks like we have a mechanic here who knows how to diagnose our bus problem! Thank you LORD! I'll keep y'all updated as I can. They took the bus into the guy this this morning and they're not back yet. They called here and said he found stuff wrong with it. YAY! Hopefully, it will all be fixable!

It's totally amazing how the Lord has been working.

We're staying at the Myers house until we can move again. : D I hope they don't get sick of us. : P

September 19, 2006

Things can sure change overnight. We’re on our way to Kentucky now, not home. I’ll fill you in on what happened later….amazing.

This is what happened up until yesterday......


We’re traveling down the road this morning discussing where to go to church. Seems we don’t have any singing engagements this morning. The conversation has just shifted to homes churches and wouldn’t it be convenient if the home churches had steeples on the top so that way we’d be able to find them. :-)

I’ll take this opportunity to tell you about our the rest of our stay at the Bartletts.

The boys and dad were helping, along with the H family, build the Bartlett’s house. As soon as the weather man started predicting snow for the weekend they put a BIG push to make it snow/wind worthy. Thank the Lord the weather was only damp one morning and one rainy day (the day we left) and between the three families great progress was made!

The Bs planted an acre garden, so, at harvest time they have A LOT of vegetables to process. I guess to me it was a lot. So, some of us got to cut up celery (I got to dig it out of the garden) and green peppers for the dehydrator. Later that evening the left half of my left hand starts burning. Uh? Of course, your mind starts running with all the possibilities - nerve damage, tumors, etc., etc.. Turns out the peppers, though not hot to the taste, have oil that can burn you! Lesson #1!

Lesson # 2. Wind + eating outside can be a dangerous sport! : D The key is to keep your food plate full, other wise you will need a free hand to hold down your plate. If you don’t take steps to secure the plate and bowl (which was holding chicken soup) you and/or your neighbor might be covered with it’s contents in a short amount of time!

This was the first time I had ever shot a gun that actually had live ammunition. Can you tell I’m from Massachusetts?? I didn’t hit the target (narrow water bottles, filled with water) but it’s ok, we all missed on our first shot! Vincent, Peter and Bonnie all hit the targets later on using a different gun. Jonathan, of course, hit his (which happened to be a milk jug) right away. I didn’t feel like staying out and trying again and getting more sick. I had a cold, which I posted about already. Anyway, it was raining and getting dark too. A good excuse, eh? : P

Donna H. (who shoots, drives a combine, cooks deliciously and knows how to use herbs) brought some delicious goats cheese that she made. She told us we could make cheese with store bought cows milk and verbally gave us the recipe. When we get home I have to try it!!! It sounds very easy but if you don’t have someone watching you over your shoulder who has experience things could go wrong! Be looking for a post about a flopped cheese making experience sometime in mid November! : D

We all seemed to have picked up colds and flu on Wednesday night. Bonnie told you all about her um, ‘experience’ Friday night. By Friday I was feeling better and I was thankful I had the cold; I couldn’t get the flu because I was already sick! I started to feel like I could have gotten it on Saturday and I was worried about eating too much. I didn’t want to eat if I was just going to throw it all up. LOL. Anyway, I still haven’t gotten it, yet. :-) Poor Peter got sick and threw up several times along with Bonnie. I can’t believe I slept through 90% of it. Saturday Peter was still feeling ill, but he’s feeling much better today. Bonnie still doesn’t feel like eating much.

The phrase ‘running around like a chicken with it’s head cut off’ has a WHOLE NEW MEANING for me! Jonathan demonstrated how to ‘process’ (a much nicer word than kill or butcher) a chicken. I took pictures and if you’re interesting I’ll send you some. Peter got up from his sick bed to watch. But, in case you’re wondering, that chicken was certainly moving A LOT after it was separated into two pieces! It was moving all over the place. We watched as he skinned it and I was surprised how little blood there was. I was also surprised to see after the skin was off it looked ‘just like chicken’. *rolleyes* Such a city girl.

We left the Bartlett’s land on Saturday.
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Thanks for the experiences, encouragement and hospitality! We won’t be forgetting North Dakota anytime soon!

We stopped in Rugby, the center of the whole continent, and took pictures at the town welcome sign and at the ‘center’ monument. Vincent suspects the monument is not actually on the center. ;-)
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Some ND factoids from the booklet we picked up at the rest area….. North Dakota ranks #1 producer of flax seed in the US and it also is a top producer of wheat. I guess that’s where the amber waves of grain are. J The fact is they have 10 million acres of it. Wow.

We just crossed over the boarder to South Dakota. Nathan says he was the first one to step in the grass, and Bonnie was the first one to drink tea, Mathew was the first one to play mandolin, Peter was the first one to hear Matthew play, and Daniel was the first one to look at the corn for 5 seconds in our family in South Dakota. LOL.

Till next time…

Since our Bismarck church canceled we had a Sunday blank. We have 2 concerts in the next 5 weeks. I have no way of posting this tonight, but we’re just about ready to go home and cancel the next few concerts. This is going to be interesting to see how God works this out. In the past when we had a blank space that meant He had something different planned. If it means going home I’ll joyfully accept that, and I pray that we’ll make the right decision to keep going if that is His will. Sometimes we just ask God “What are we suppose to do? Where do you want us?” That pretty much the mood. We can’t see around this bend in the road.

We found a church with a Sunday night service in Sioux Falls, SD. We arrived about 15 minutes late and turned quite a few heads on entering the already full church. It was one of the two church who had a night service. This denomination isn’t known for hospitality and warm reception of outsiders and we have a difficult time getting in to these places, so I wasn‘t surprised when they didn‘t seem very enthusiastic about having us come back for a concert after they found out we home church. Who knows though. We gave away about 10 cds and asked them to pray for us.

While I was catching up on phone calls to home we drove back to the Flying J from church. I caught a glimpse of ‘Thou Shall Not Kill’ on the back of a trailer which we parked next to. I thought, while still on the phone, how neat it was that there was a witnessing group next to us. I basically missed the whole confrontation but this van had pictures of babies that had been aborted and another customer complained. The truck stop staff responded to an offended customer and asked them on not too friendly terms to leave. It’s sad how people are so adamantly opposed to the truth! Before they were told to leave we gave the owners of the van and trailer a CD and asked if they had parking place for the night. They said they were going to park at a church. Like I said, I missed the whole thing, but, I’m sure the people on the other end of the phone were wondering why I drifting in and out of making sense! Just imagine if that trailer had a message from the other side! They wouldn’t have dared asked them to leave….

September 18

I asked the Lord last night to make it clear the next day as to what we were suppose to do, keep on this trip or go home. We were wakened at early this morning when dad tried to start the bus. Chug, chug. Silence. Chug chug chug chug chug. More silence. The bus does not want to start! Turns out our newly installed alternator is not generating anymore and the batteries are just about dead, meaning the generator will have to be run 24/7 or we have to be moving. We sat outside the Flying J parking lot and discussed what to do. We started the trek east and homeward shortly after that discussion. I’m sorry to all of you that were looking forward to our visit. We wish it wasn’t like this, but we had no control over this new development. We’re praying the bus will make it back to Massachusetts before we have an immobilizing breakdown. When we return we still will have a lot of engine problems and there is no telling when we’ll be back to road trips. I know we serve the living God and He sees the big picture. (Sound familiar? Remember It is Well With My Soul?) Trusting in Him for the timing of the repairs that need to be made. If God can part the Red Sea He can get us back on the road!

This probably won’t be posted until we get home since it seems like we won’t be stopping for any length of time, particularly near WiFi. This is the time I wish we had a couple more drivers to spell dad. Thanks for all your prayers for his ‘after trip recovery’. This has been rough on him.

It certainly was an interesting trip.

I wonder what’s up around the corner?

September 16, 2006

Edit: I just realized I forgot to post all the text I have about Sunday-Monday's adventures. I'll wait until next time. Also, check out Bonnie's site for a health update and more pictures.



Starting from Saturday...

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Did I ever tell you about the water in Minnesota?

The rest area where we met Rob/Shawn.

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Friends in Iowa.

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The only 'bus' left in our bus picking spot.
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New friends from our first concert in North Dakota!

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(Annie D. look alike in front row!)

A dirt road.

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Flax oil press.

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On the way to the Bartlett's house!
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Jamming at the Bartlett's...

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Wednesday night with Rebecca S.!
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Mrs. Bartlett and her homemade bread!
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Bonnie, Mrs. B, and Mom.

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Mrs. B took us to a camp and this quilt was in one of the rooms.
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I've got more pictures, but, I think that's enough for now. :-)

September 14, 2006

Edit: Some how I posted the same thing twice......I just deleted it. :)
I have a nice long post about what we did Sunday- Monday on my laptop, but, alas, I will not be posting it today. At least, I’m not planning on it. Hannah and Daniel came down with a cold Tuesday and Bonnie got it a Wednesday, and now I have it. :( Ick. I do NOT like being sick on the road. It’s hard feeling so helpless when everyone is working and doing things and you feel miserable and like crawling into a ball. I’m feeling well enough now to sit here at the computer, but, I almost feel guilty. There is quite a ruckus of people and hammers above my head constructing the Bartlett’s house. It’s suppose to snow (!!!) on Sunday so they wanted to get as much work done as possible. I don’t blame them.

So, where are we now you ask? We’re staying with the Bartlett family in North Dakota, way, way, way far away from lots of things. But, not far from a DSL switch, thankfully!

Let’s back up to Tuesday. You all know about our bus problem by now and that we’ve been praying for help with this bus. Now, the Bartlett’s have a friend who knows about our engine and we decided to go see him. If we hadn’t met the Sciglianos (now I'm spelling your name right!) on Tuesday we would have thought no one lived in northern North Dakota besides the people who mow the side of the highway. (And, the Bartletts!) We kept driving and driving, and then there would be a ‘slew’ (it’s like a swamp) on both or two sides of the road. It reminded me of nightmares I had as a child; water on both sides of the road and the car (or whatever) would stall in the middle and I would wake myself up because I was so scared! LOL Anyhooo….

The roads kept getting smaller and smaller and finally we were on a dirt road about 11 miles from Cando, population around 200, maybe. And at the end of a dusty trip down the Scigliano’s road we arrived at their house!

Although we didn’t get any real bus ‘work’ done since we didn’t have time to take anything apart we got to know them a little! They burn bio diesel in their cars and press their own flax seed oil. 8-) Mom was ecstatic about the flax seed oil. It actually tastes much, much better fresh than it does from the bottle from the store. I don’t think I’d mind eating it all the time if we got it fresh! They grow and grind their own flour and have a certified ‘organic’ farm. The piano players from their house and ours took turns playing on the piano, which has five pedals. One of the pedals changes the piano into a harpsichord and another one turns it into a mandolin. I’ve never heard of that before!! We decided to stay the night instead of trying to find the Bartlett’s house in the dark. We played Dutch Blitz that night. Fun!  Next morning we started off for the Bs after pancakes and devotions. We started driving and we finally saw some hills!! Yay! I’ve been told the flat can grow on you and eventually you can appreciate it but I’m not use to all this flat yet! The hills were a nice reminder of home. Actually, after we got past the Indian reservation it reminded me a little of New Hampshire. What do you think Mr. Ed? :-)

My throat feels so yuck I don’t want to talk but sitting here I’m listening to all the ladies talking in the kitchen. I don’t want to be sick. I wouldn’t be here typing if I was feeling good so something good is coming out of it. : p

We arrived at the Bartlett’s (they didn’t tell us the signboards we were suppose to turn right at were facing the other direction and we drove right past them!) and made it down their dirt road, again filling the bus with dust.

The Mrs. Bartlett is SO organized. They are living in the basement of the house they are building. I’m impressed! Mr. Bartlett’s blog can be found here and Jonathan’s can he found here. The boys and Bonnie jammed before we went to the concert on Wednesday. Recording them would have been a good idea if I had all the equipment, Mr. Ed. This whole idea of being self-sufficient and growing your own food is fascinating. They have a big garden, make their clothes detergent, butcher their own chickens, etc., etc.. Pretty neat. It’s a lot of work I’m sure, but very fascinating all the same.

We went over to a friend of the Bartlett’s to do the concert that night. It was more dirt roads! Am I surprised?! We left the trailer at the B’s house and made our way down this little drive way and then pulled into the field and then BACKED down the rest of the driveway. We have a good driver!!!

The room was small so we ended up setting up in the area where the food was served. Jonathan video taped the concert. Now they will have a reminder of all the mistakes we made! Oh nooo! We met new people and the Sciglianos came! Yay!

*picture here*

Rebecca, Bonnie, Evan and I.

I’m so glad I didn’t have the cold nor a head ache last night . That would have been so miserable. Bonnie and Hannah had it, but apparently I’m a wimp (or they didn’t get it as bad?).

I have pictures that need to be posted, but they may have to wait. I’ll have to do a big photo post. :)
Till next time….

September 10, 2006

September 9

For some strange reason it feels like we’ve been on the road for a month and it’s barely been a week! Today our day consisted of lots of travel time, Flying Js, rest areas, Wal-Marts and divine appointments.

We visited the Flying J in the city of the great massacre in Iowa. Case in fact, 15 MCI 9 busses were delivered to Davenport, IA, from Hollandale MN, and CRUSHED! *sob* *sniff* We did not witness the atrocity but we know it’s true. *sigh*

While we were at yet another Flying J in Iowa and waiting for people to take showers parked next to the curb we saw a vanity plate on a truck that said ’evangelist’ (or something to that effect) getting fuel behind us. The conversation in the bus quickly turned to “Does he know about Ray Comfort?”. Peter got out and gave him a CD. He talked to him for a little while and Peter came back to the bus. A little while later he came over to the bus and told us the CD was a God sent. He had a rough morning, including being over charged $400 for a repair on the truck. He said he was a preacher and the scripture we had on the front was one of his favorite scriptures. We were so glad the Lord led us to right place at the right time to encourage him! When he was leaving the lot we found out he was from Connecticut and he knew where Orange was. J

When we visited Wal-Mart this afternoon and Bonnie and I looked at the fabrics. OHHH. I want to quilt so bad! They had some very nice looking oriental fabrics on clearance, BUT, I restrained myself, or should I say my funds restrained me. ;-) It’s a good thing I don’t bring in too much money inside the store at a time….lol.

We stopped at a rest area in Minnesota and we were all able to stretch our legs a bit. Now, back in New York there was a convict on the loose, “Buckie Phillips”, with a $250,000 reward. This Buckie guy shot two police officers, one of which died the morning we were there. Ok, that’s the background to this story. So, Vincent started a conversation with a man at the rest area and was witnessing to him. The man, ‘Shawn’ turns out to be Jehovah Witness. Vincent returned to the bus and mom and dad started talking to the guy, and now he said his name was “Rob”. Hmmmm…Peter confirmed that he told them ’Shawn’ and mom was sure she heard ‘Rob’. Our curiosity was peeked and we were getting suspicious! Two names? A young child with him that he ‘claimed’ was his adopted daughter? Three different license plates? It made for interesting conversation but of course we knew it couldn’t be Buckie! Right!? Right. Lol I know it’s crazy, but we thought it was funny…..

September 10
We got to arrived at our ‘gypsy’ camp in Hollandale, MN Saturday. Remember, we were there this summer? We got the axle and several hubs loaded on the trailer. It was cloudy and cool. Thankfully, it didn’t rain!

We arrived at the church in Albert Lea at 7:00pm. This is our third visit to this church. We called them back in 2004 on our first fall trip. J They have a wonderful acoustics in the sanctuary. Bonnie, mom and I played and practiced until 9 pm.

The concert this morning went great. They had a lot of visitors and a dinner afterward. It was nice to see familiar faces!

We’re on the way to Mason City, IA tonight and then up and on to Fargo, ND by tomorrow night. Please keep the bus in your prayers and we have a whole 4 weeks blank on the calendar. Do you know anyone in OK or TX?? Let us know…

September 07, 2006

I'm going to try to reply to the comments on the last post. We'll see what happens! WiFi is fickle!


September 6

As we went by Lake Erie this big mural caught my eye.

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We crossed the Michigan border the afternoon of the 5th. Our first time in Michigan, ever! When we arrived in Westland, MI our first stop was Westland Music. It turns out they didn’t have anything we originally set out for, but, we did end up buying a violin. :-) It needs some decent strings and then we'll be able to evaluate if this one will replace the one I’m using now. It’s much, much louder with $3 strings than mine is already...

We met Kendra in person! Yay! (For some strange reason you're not in my links section, how did that happen??!)

This was our debut concert in Michigan….

She has all the pictures of the concert (any good ones??), but here are the pictures of afterward….

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Paster Roberts and wife, Kendra and Scott, and us.

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Bonnie, Kendra, and me.

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Nathan was snapping and Kendra is telling him to stop here.

We've been stopping at Flying J's all day. It's scary, I'm starting to recognize's getting like 'Oh, we were just here!'

Not much is happening except traveling, eating, etc., etc. The bus is having more and more black smoke. Hmmm. Turbo dying??? We'll see.

Thank you for all your prayers!!

~Onward to Minnesota~

September 06, 2006

The reason I haven't been updating is because we haven't had any WiFi until today!!! We've been out in the woods of NY and we're finally back to some city in Ohio. Well, we're at the Flying J and that's close enough to a city sometimes. :)

I started writing on Saturday....

Oh and since I won't have time to reply individually - thanks for all the nice comments on my last post. :)

September 2

So far we’ve had quite the day! Since we were planning to leave Friday night we felt a bit more relax knowing we didn’t have to leave until Saturday (today). The concert in Rushford was canceled because of the rain.

Vincent worked on partially enclosing the trailer Friday night and the police showed up! Someone apparently thought he was making too much noise past 9:00pm. They were locking and cleaning up when he showed up so it wasn’t a big deal.

Mom got up early Saturday and cooked a big breakfast for all of us. Thanks Mom! That was delicious. After some misplaced trailer chains were replaced we (Vincent) blew the pipes out in the house. It’s amazing all the air and power behind that boy. LOL! Actually, the air compressor blew them out. : P We got our security system (siren) set up and tested. Vincent forgot it was on and nearly jumped out of his skin when he tripped it. Around 1:30pm dad said we could not leave until we found the trailer receipt that was on the bus dash. Well, being the non-clutter (yeeeah right) person I am I had cleaned that whole dash off about a week and a half ago. I had put all the receipts in a pile to be filed and all the ’junk’ paper in a pile. All of a sudden I had no idea where that pile of receipts went!! Noooo! I found the ’junk’ pile in the house and I checked all the normal places in the bus where we would store paper work. Nothing. Mom, Bonnie and I started looking in the unobvious places next. I was wondering if perhaps they got misplaced into the recycle paper box, which, of course had just been brought to the dump and emptied. By this time I was in tears. I had just canceled the trip after all this. (I don’t know we would have had to cancel the trip, but we wouldn’t have been able to bring the trailer, pick up the bus rear-ends in Minnesota, or bring the unicycles. That’s close enough to canceling in the frame of mind dad was in.) The verse I kept hearing was “If you falter in times of trouble how small is your strength” but, also “He has done great and marvelous things!” The Lord knew the predicament we were in and the end result and He would accomplish His will despite my failings! Mom found them tucked in the bus manual about 30 minutes later. Thank you LORD! Dad went to get weighed (we’re 39,000 lb,), we said goodbye to our neighbor, and we started off on a new adventure!

Teach me your way O LORD
That I may walk in your truth.
Give me an undivided heart
That I may fear your name.
Will praise you O LORD my God
With all my heart I will glorify your name forever.
Psalm 87:11-12

We stopped off at a Wally World in New York after 4 hours driving. A couple pulled into the parking lot and saw Vincent doing something to the trailer. They stopped, asked if we needed any help, and started a conversation. We gave them a cd and right before they left they said they were Christians and the Lord told them to go to the Wal-Mart parking lot. Isn’t that amazing that God had put people in our path to help us?! After all the struggle to get off this was a great encouragement even if we weren‘t broken down at the time!! If we’re suppose to be on this trip the Lord will supply all we need.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. upstate New York is so beautiful. If you only know the NYC side of the state and you’re not impressed you need to see the rural part. Green hills and rolling landscapes….ahhh. It’s funny to think that the big dirty city is in the same state!

Our first concert is tomorrow morning. I hope we get some good sleep tonight. Then maybe we won’t be yawning while we’re singing. : P

Oh, and I think this is a highway first worth mentioning, we actually PASSED someone today going up a hill! The poor van looked really tired! : P

Till next time…

September 3
Dad added a gallon of oil Saturday night. He was concerned that perhaps the fuel was leaking into the crank case. The oil gauge seems to be stable right now (Monday). The headlights stopped working Saturday night. We still had the brights so that helped. We still haven’t gotten them fixed. Part stores are not open today because it’s Labor Day.

The concert on Sunday morning went fine. However, we had our share of missing words and cues that morning due to not singing together for 2 weeks. :( The pastor had been trying to call us Saturday night but the cell phone wouldn’t work. He thought we were suppose to be there Saturday night so he was a little concerned. We hadn’t told him about our bus/engine troubles. He probably would have been really wondering if he knew!!

Little Valley is a special place for us. Our first Mid-west trip was started there September 2004. :) They’ve seen us grow for three years now. They are curious how we will grow and change in the next few years….the Lord only knows. We had a nice time talking with all our friends afterward over lunch. That lasagna was delicious!
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Sunday night we were in Olean. The girls had a nice time chatting with Sarah and Rachel F. :)
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We’re staying in the driveway of Mr. C. today. So far we’ve been relaxing. Well, most of us. Bonnie ran around the pond and yard and the boys have been chasing geese and ducks. Carol has been taking pictures and writing updates for the blog. (Can you guess?!) Dad’s taking a nap. He’s so tried.

Those poor little duckies! They were very anti-social creatures from the start so I shouldn’t feel too bad for them, BUT the boys spent a good portion of the day chasing them. : p The sweet little duckies would swim and swim, trying desperately to evade the mob of three paddle boats filled with yelling children.

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
The kids would have them surrounded and the baby duck would swim under them and the other ones would shoot out around the boats.

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
This duck didn’t move fast enough.
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Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

: D When we were done petting and taking pictures we let him go. He was quacking all the way back to the pond. I think he was happy to be free again…..

We met Mr. C’s family on Monday night. They fed us and we talked and fed the geese together. The geese are quite stubborn and would not come close to the food until we were in bed.

September 4

We got to meet the Doerful family this afternoon thanks to Mr. C.! They have a traveling family bluegrass band. Wow. They are really, really good. They just got a RV/bus. They had a regular RV before but they’d still like to get a ‘real’ bus. Speaking of buses.…

…..the headlights are still out on ours. The brights are still all we have. The Doerfuls said they used to have a lot of trouble with their headlights and they would shine flashlights out the windshield. Lol.

We’re 2 hours behind schedule to Detroit at the moment. We had such a good time pickin’ with the Doerfuls we were late starting out. They play a lot of bluegrass standards and wonderfully at that! When they come to Boston they said they’d come see us!! Hooray!

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The people we could round up for a picture in front of our bus.

Detroit here weee coooooome!

September 02, 2006

Looking to leave in about an hour....