January 31, 2010

Oh this has been such a fun week! I’m camped out here in my bunk chilling and trying to get caught up on writing. When you have so few wifi connections and lots going on it’s hard to keep up with everything on-line in substantial form.

We’ve had quite a few neat things to do and places to be this week and I wrote about all that over on the family blog.

I’m still in shock about visiting the Rice family. I mean, seriously, was *I* really there last night to hear all that glorious music??? It must have been a dream. :pinches herself: OUCH. Ok, ok never mind!!!! Looking forward to the February reunion. ^_^

Me butchering Chopin. :wince: I look pretty peaceful about it here… lol

On the good side, it was the nicest pianos I’ve ever played on I think.

January 27, 2010

So basically New Mexico is pretty nice. 8 )

We are in Arizona tonight in Bisbee. : )

January 23, 2010


January 20, 2010

In keeping with our 'mirror images' : P

Having a great time on this trip. From surprise visits, to planned, it's all been good.

I'm sitting here at church on the front row typing this. I'm hoping to upload a video during the service. The boys started a video chat which interrupted my upload. : P Anyway. : )

Hope you guys all up north are hanging in there....snow? We're getting rain. Totally cats and dogs for a while there. Still, I'll take it over the snow. Well, I should go.

Laters. : )

January 13, 2010

And, the countdown beings....

I really should be in bed. I'm certainly feeling a sore throat creeping up. That is not cool. I've got a bottle of Zicam in my pocket. : ) I wonder if I should down some garlic? Hmm. Probably.

I found BOTH the 8 gig camera cards and I've got them packed away. Yay! Now, I'm still on the lookout for my black skirt I wanted to bring....if anyone sees it please let me know! :D


Direct me in the path of your commands, for there I find delight.

Psalm 119:35 NIV

January 07, 2010

I'm finally posting! What? I haven't posted since last year? ; )

Please. Hold your applause down.

Thank you.

Where was I? Oh yes. : ) So this is my first post of 2010. Or twenty-ten to be in sync with the in-the-know folks. Tis grammatically correct. Forbid the utterance two-thousand and ten! : P Just so you know, I'm not that hung up on it. I didn't join the facebook group either. : )

Here's a photo of the lovely snow we got. We have lots of snow still. Anyone want any?

We've really been enjoying the wood the Lord has graciously provided these days of 20's teens and below. The house sure cools down when we forget to keep feed the stove. :) Isn't that how it is when we neglect our spiritual life?

"....and many false prophets will appear and deceive many people. Because of the increase of wickedness, the love of most will grow cold, but he who stands firm to the end will be saved.

Matthew 24:11-13 NIV


Lord, let your love burn in our hearts.