December 13, 2004

Last night I went to choir practice. I wish Bonnie would have come with me! She went with me to one rehearsal back in the spring but she didn’t like it because it was so looong. We were singing this long patriotic musically dated medley. I was practicing a lot and everyone in the house learned the songs. In fact anything I sing everyone seems to pick up on it. Anyway, we’re only singing two easy songs this time and I think she would have enjoyed it and they could have used her.

This is turning more into a journal than a blog, but what exactly is the definition of a blog?

We saw a home movie of us at a friend’s house on New Years Eve yesterday afternoon. It’s so funny to see what we were like 3 years ago! I hope I don’t still look like that! I think everyone looked a little strange. And everyone was so tiny! The best part was seeing Vincent playing his banjo. He was so cute!

December 11, 2004

We visited a retirement home last night in the rain. Exciting! At least it was one of the shortest walks from the bus to the door you could want! The front door of the building had a two feet to spare before touching the bus. We ended up not setting up the sound system etc because the room was so small we didn’t need it. We also didn’t set up the keyboard, which would have come in handy in a few songs. It was the first time we’re played our little string quartet in public, well, as public as a retirement home could be. The rain seems to be gone, but there are still quite a few clouds and fog hanging around.

I’m so trying to get a photo album put together of our tour out west!! Maybe in a week or two it will be ready.

Till next time...

December 10, 2004

Check this out -

Carol came up 5th most popular! (So what if it was in the 40's?)