July 27, 2007

We made it to NY and our first concert! PTL. Dad is feeling ok. His back is hurting pretty bad right now and he’s debating whether or not to take his pain meds tonight and not sleep or not to take them and sleep (maybe) . He still had a fever/chills and was feeling sick to his stomach this afternoon. Thank you everyone for your prayers, calls and concern.

If you could also remember Nathan. He’s not doing well either. He’s got a headache, clammy hands, and a fever. We don’t know exactly what is going on with him. If it’s catchy pray the rest of us don’t get it. J Bonnie did a nice job filling in for him on his vocal parts. He did play the bass but he really didn’t look good.

The concert went fine. We had about 90 people in the gym here at the church. It was fun because we had to pull in about 20-30 minutes of ‘new’ old songs. We had a little time rehearse some of the songs earlier in the afternoon which was nice.

Well, I’m out behind the gym here and the bus is over around the corner. Hopefully the bugs won’t find me for a while.

God bless.

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