November 01, 2007

Iowa GOP and Ron Paul Campaign Headquarters: Ron Paul is not out of the debate
By Kat | November 8, 2007

LB interviewed the Iowa GOP and Iowa Ron Paul 2008 campaign headquarters. In a live interview on the Soapbox Spectacle, John Zambanini made clear there is no attempt to prevent Dr. Paul from participating in the December 4th debates. Polling of Iowa voters by American Research Group and the Des Moines Register indicated the 5% threshold has been reached. Mr. Zambanini stated that “the campaign would like to remain on friendly terms with the state GOP and any effort to call them in response to claims of Dr. Paul being excluded should be avoided.” Please do not call the Iowa GOP.

Rasmussen shows Ron Paul currently polling at 5% following the November 5th fundraising blitz.

This isn't just about Ron Paul, folks. This is about free speech! Regardless of who you are for free speech is essential to any race.

To: Republican National Committe

It is a serious assault on Free Speech when the RNC and other GOP Factions seek to bar the speech of an official candidate for President in the race for the Republican nomination. Ron Paul is under attack by FOX News and various analysts who actually believe he should be removed from debates and the party itself.

The Republican Party and the RNC are afraid that a real candidate would jeopardize their hijacking of conservative issues. It is clear that a real candidate like Ron Paul would reinstate adherence to the Constitutional intent of government-- a far cry from the current direction the party is being led in.

BUT REGARDLESS of whether you love or hate Ron Paul or the Republican Party, one must stand up for and defend the right to Free Speech. Ron Paul is the FRONT RUNNER in this race-- he won every major poll regarding the first Presidential debate and won the majority of polls pertaining to the second debate aired by Fox News. He came in second place in the FOX poll-- despite ongoing on-air bashing and calls for his removal from the race and the party itself during the poll.

The Republican primary is the tool the people use to decide which candidate will prevail-- it is not the duty of talking heads and pundits to bully and cull candidates who should be decided by VOTERS.

The Republican Party leadership are now officially put on notice that the whole country and world are witnesses to their concerted effort to rig the debate process. It’s not a secret that party operatives are attempting to cheat the debate process and block Ron Paul from appearing in further debates.

The call to ban Ron Paul from further debates is a clear attempt to block the First Amendment and will be seen by the public for what it is -- cheating.

William F. Buckley recently stated that the Republican Party’s very existence is in danger. This new neo-con attack on our electoral process is treasonous and if not reversed, will cause a further mass exodus from the party.
People will not tolerate a Republican party that is anti-American, anti-Free Speech and who continue to undermine the electoral process laid out by the founding fathers and the Constitution.

BE IT DECLARED, that the undersigned request the Republican National Committee to support fair election procedures, as well as the views and desires of its members and American citizens, by allowing Congressman Ron Paul full participation in all future debates and election events as a Republican National Committee candidate.


The Undersigned


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