November 15, 2008

Hello everyone!! I pretty much have been neglecting this poor blog. Funny, once I get it all fixed up the way I like it, -poof- no more blogging. : P Anyway, I hope to revive it for my trip to Germany! Bonnie and I have an opportunity to visit Germany this month and next, for 16 days. I’m really excited. : )

Another bit of exciting news is my new camera! I’m thrilled to have a DSLR. For anyone who keeps up with cameras, it’s a Nikon d90. It’s going to wonderful to take it to Germany. I blogged a few pictures at the family blog. Here’s one of me and the camera. Should I name it?


Anyway, leave a comment or two to encourage me to post again before I leave on Tuesday for the east over the ocean. :) My computer is in the shop, which doesn’t help with getting posts started and finished, but I can try. :)

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