December 11, 2008

Praise God from whom all blessings flow! Bonnie and I are back safe and sound from Germany with wonderful memories and pictures.

We haven't been home longer than a week, but I do feel I should have written a proper update by now. I could blame it on somewhat time consuming job of uploading and sorting 500+ pictures. :) Most of them aren't works of art but it will give you an idea of what we saw and what we did.

We started off as I mentioned at the train station in Massachusetts and made our way to the airport via the subway and buses. We had a safe transfer to the airplane. Security was a breeze compared to the nightmare I was prepared for

We had a short layover in Amsterdam but we were soon flying high over Germany bound for the sleepy airport in Nuremberg. From there we went to Erlangen and stayed with the Busekros family for a few days. You can read their dramatic homeschooling story here. We were privileged to visit them and enjoyed our visit!

From there we headed to the city of Bonn. It was close to a 9 hour train ride. But, Klaus, our tour guide and friend, was with us and we had some good conversations. While we were with our hosts in Bonn we visited Petersberg, on which the famous Petersberg Hotel is. The view is amazing.

We went to Cologne and visited the cathedral. That was incredible.

They have lot of open air markets in Germany...and we visited three in one day, a record.

Check the pictures out:

Germany 1

Germany 2

Germany 3

Germany 4

Germany 5

Germany 6


If you're dying for more check out these too.

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