April 25, 2012


Blogger changed the format in which I post. Let me just get my barrings.... Ah. Ok. I can do this. I hope. :) I'm getting bigger and bigger in the front.
24 weeks and a few days here. I love feeling the baby move around and kick me and nudge me. So sweet! I've heard it gets painful when the thumping gets harder. I'll just enjoy the "fun" for now. :) I've been neglecting the camera almost since we've been home, but today I took a walk to some places I'd noted would make fun photo shoots and tried to beat the sun going down. My efforts today garnered these offerings...
Ooo. I like how blogger is posting the pictures EXACTLY where I want them and not at the top of the page as usual. :likes new change: Well, that's all for tonight. Morning seems to come early these days! Maybe I'll be able to put a news posts together soon....after I get the onions planted and the strawberries mulched!

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