September 24, 2013

behind the times...

We want to announce to the world there is a new member of the Hollis family....

 We are thrilled for the new little blessing. Mommy has been pretty sick (maybe that explains all missing posts...) but we're looking forward to better days soon. :)

Other than that, I'm behind on blogging and we're getting ready for our fall 2013 tour.  :) Joanna has been growing all the time. She is a delight and we all enjoy her company. She now walks and can say quite a few animals noises, mama, dada, up, and more. She's really trying to say "apple." It is amazing to me how fast she changes. Getting more "grown up" the time!

I haven't been taking many photos just due to full memory cards and being sick. Took some Sunday morning before we went to church...

                                             Kisses for daddy!

                                                   So happy!

                                              Hugs for daddy!

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