April 08, 2005

By popular request I’m going to blog again!

Well, every spring I get some sort of blisters on my feet. They get so soft after a winter in boots and sneakers. So, when I wear sandals for the first time I pay....usually the blisters pop and get better without much attention. This time.... I got a ridiculous infection with a red spot the diameter of a tennis ball on my ankle! It scared me for a while...I’m better now and going to be much careful next time. No one really gave me any sympathy anyway...since it was my fault.

OK...what else is new? The weather has turned mild, 60 today. Simply beautiful. We got a ton of rain and the rivers and cricks (as they say down south) are all filled up and running strong. Maple syrup season is over now....summer doesn’t seem like a far off dream anymore!

Bonnie and I visited out our favorite bluelight store day before yesterday. She got to drive there and I drove home. Little strange since I’ve never driven in the car, or any car. I’ve been using the van, a much bigger beast. I think I like the van better, I’m up higher and feel superior to all the other drivers. Haha, not really....I’m just use to the van. Anyway, Bonnie picked three pretty blue prints for the quilt she’s working on. I bought a charcoal colored polyester blend with pinstripes and sheer red fabric to use as a swag for my room. Speaking of my room....I finding myself torn between themes. One wall has a bold red color with gold accents, it looks like India. I just finished painting a different wall
‘Brazilian Tan’ and it has a modern look with black accents, almost reminds me of the
20’s. My dad commented you can change the look of my room by sitting in a different
spot. I can remember some terrible idea I had one time to sponge red over my white trim. *GAG* That wasn’t a good idea. I keep thinking of that movie, The Unsinkable Molly Brown, and how the downstairs of the mansion was all red. One of the characters in the movie comment it looked like the ‘reign of terror’. On time I cover my walls with silver contact paper, it was like chrome - I’ve never seen a room decorated like that.

I’ve been working on cd covers and designs for our project. There are so many variables on a cd cover/insert! What kind of font and how big, to include lyrics or not, which colors, how many colors, are those colors going to clash, how many pages should the insert be, and the MOST important; what are we gonna call it?? Dad said it’s like naming a kid, so we’re taking our time. We thought we’d wrap up naming this cd this week, it looks like it could take till next week to finally settle on something. We came up with what I thought was brilliant and then Bonnie added something to one of the top contenders and it’s in first place right now. I’ll just be happy when it’s over! We need to get a decent photo, preferably when it’s green outdoors and send it off to the graphic design lady with all our other ideas. The picture we took for the local paper really turned out nice...I used the camera I bought at Wal-Mart last December. I can’t believe it’s gone down so much in
price since then.

Till I decide to blog again ....

(You never know, I might blog twice this month!) ;)

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