April 27, 2005

Oh Brother, we thank you?

When I was young I thought that the perfect ‘mix’ of a large family must have an even
amount of girls and boys, and if that couldn’t not be so girls should be in a majority. My theory...if you have more girls you will probably get more help around the house, less burping, less fighting, more voting power at summit meetings, boasting privileges, less complaining and all around a more peaceful existence. I can remember crying after Daniel was born; we already had a zillion boys, why did God send us another!? ( I may be exaggerating but it sure seemed like it at the time.....) I’ve since decided that is a foolish way to look at things; all children are a gift from God! (Duh.) If you know me at all you know I have a few sisters and not a few brothers. Not as many as some of you but a fair amount. I’ve come to realize that boys are a blessing to a family. Don’t get me wrong girls are great too, nothing like a group of helpers whipping a house into shape or doing the dishes or fixing a mouth watering dessert! But being able to bring up more wood from the back yard, fix a power steering leak, fix a trailer light in the pouring rain, shovel snow, install all the scary parts of a new roof and staging, rebuild a heavy duty engine, and climb tall trees with a chain saw (!) are all pluses to having boys. Each family is unique and if allowed, planned by God. (I’ve been reading Full Quiver.) : ) He knows the future and what we need and that us weak woman need some strong guys around to do all the tough work. The only complaint is I’m losing muscle tone! I’ll get over it.

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