February 09, 2006

This is a very unorganized blog, I don't feel very organized today! I'm so tired from getting up early and doing to bed too late. Good fellowship can make it hard to say 'good night'!

Hey, have you ever eaten dry ice? A few of the kids here chomped down a few pieces the day before yesterday. They all burped a lot and some ever burped 'fog' with it. It was hilarious! Mr. Fiala is a trip! (In a totally GOOD way!) We've been learning so many new things. We'll be headed for Katy on Saturday. I know we're going to miss the Fialas!!!!

We had a great time at CiCi's! Do you know how the wait staff says 'welcome to CiCi's''? Well, the Fialas and the MacDonalds yelled in unison "WELCOME TO CICI'S!" to the people who came in. It was so funny! I think we're having way too much fun! Is that even possible?

We sang last night at a Salvation Army rehabilitation center in Houston. (In fact we didn't sing just once but three times yesterday, in different places. We had to get up early, before 7 am...) We had to backed into this small gated courtyard. I think we have the best bus driver in the whole wide world!! It was a very small street and not much room. His elbow hurt from turning the really STIFF steering wheel because we were moving so slow, but no permanent damage. They had a bunch of guys help us unload and then they fed us an enormous meal. I had to give away some of my food. I wasn't sure how well I was going to be able to sing! I think I must have gained 5 pounds on this trip. (It must have been those two trips to CiCi's!) We sang for a packed chapel, about 250 men. They were so SO enthusiastic and supportive! Dem Bones was a big favorite, Hannah got a standing O for her violin solo, and they just ate up Bonnie's yodeling! YOU GO BONNIE! They helped pack up and we saw the city of Huston in lights. Pretty! I could not get a good picture but, so you'll have to take my word for it.

One thing I've noticed about Houston is the thick smoggy air! It almost looks yellow. I can't imagine what it looks and feels like in the summer time. Mom's got an allergy to something, maybe it's related to the air quality?

We met three new families this week! The Peterson family Sunday night and the Keeth family last night. It was so nice to meet you Lindsay! Now I can put a face to 'Texas Girl'. = ) Lord willing, we'll do some jamming Saturday. We met the Hallford family and spent today at their house working on locks and a bathtub. (Hello Kirsten!)

We now have an octogenarian traveling with us. Don't worry it's much worse than you think... (if you know Mr. Fiala you know what I'm talking about, it's meant to be said in a sarcastic manner) : - )
Anyway, Papa turned 80 today! Happy birthday!!

Here are some pics....

Traffic coming into Houston! (Note the bamboo on the roof, we picked that up in Alabama.)
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How many people can you fit on one piano at once?
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This is Nathan boy!
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