February 04, 2006

We're in Spring, Texas today....the weather is so nice and we're having a wonderful time with all the new people we have met in the past day. I'm never going to be the same again!

Back tracking a bit.... here is the post I wrote for the 'Florida' part of our trip. As I said before this very well maybe a repeat of what Bonnie has sent y'all, but, hey ya never know!


What an interesting trip this has been. I feel like I've had enough excitement for a whole month!

As I'm typing we're 398 miles from Huston; about 6 hours of driving. Lord willing we'll get to our destination and have wireless to post this at Saturday. We are 13 days into Southern/Texas Trip 2006.

Lot of people gave us oranges this week to help us with our colds. We’re all doing better. PTL! Dad’s tooth ache is gone, but he’s been getting headaches. And the cartilage in his chest has been hurting. Not sure if it has something to do with his aneurism or just irritated from inflammation? Keep praying for him.

The bus has been running well...no break downs!

The 'Florida' part of our trip included a visit to DAL (Dinosaur Adventure Land). Learn more about the park here. We arrived Monday night around 6 PM. On the way through Pensacola the kids were SO sure they saw Dr. Kent Hovind pulling out of a gas station. Some of them were just about hysterical and wanted dad to follow the car. = ) Parking in front of the closed gates of DAL we debated whether to call the office, which was closed, or go to Wal-Mart for the night. While we ate supper it started to rain. Bonnie made some cookies and I settled down to read the forward to the Isaac Watts children's hymn book. Dad was out looking at the generator and some one came up and told us he was sent from Dr. Hovind to find out who we were and what we were doing here. We explained we were not terrorist nor vandals and wanted to visit the park the next day, could they possibly open the gates for us to park for the night? After Nathan, park employee, played phone tag with Dr. Hovind they unlocked the gates for us and lock us in the parking lot for the night. Next morning Mr. Holcomb our multi talented banjo/guitar/mandolin pickin' friend came to unlock the gates. We got an in-depth tour of the creation museum by Mr. Kevan Myers, who had lots of puns and exciting stories (first hand near death experiences!) to tell, and of course he was full of information about God's marvelous and amazing creation. Fascinating stuff! Praise the Lord for people who are so dedicated to educating people about creation and the lies of evolution. The museum had open some new rooms since we were there last (we figured about 1 year ago and a few month since our last visit), two new rooms devoted to the dangers of evolution and inventors who were Christians. Outside they added a split one room school house with education examples from the 1800's, including the Bible, up to our current educational system, which features secular textbooks filled with lies. A small but formidable looking millstone with the familiar scripture about leading little ones astray posted near it. For supper we ate pizza with some of the staff. After, we took our instruments out and picked till about 9:30 PM. Mr. Holcomb is an extremely talented man. Wowie! Of course, now we all want to quit playing because he's sooo good. LOL Not really, but it was very inspiring and humbling! Dr. Hovind came in while we were picking and asked us to tape “Dem Bones” with him for his new children’s video series. Since we were only going to be there until the next morning the shoot was scheduled for a 9:00 AM the next day. We had to get up early, 6:45 AM! Our time gets so mixed up on the road, we use to get up 6:30 every single morning except for Sunday. On the road we get up around 8:00 AM. We’re getting so soft! So, if you want to see what we taped be watching for the new series of dvds for kids from CSE. Next morning mom broke a few world records (for her age group), by shooting a rubber band 24 1/2 feet! The rest of us broke records on different things. If you ever visit DAL check out our names on the score board! One other new thing they added was the pair of peacocks. Very perdy! I bought four feathers, I hope I can preserve them in my bunk until we get home.... We said goodbye and had a prayer before we left for Foley, Alabama. I general don’t like Florida but this was a ’good’ visit. = )

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Hannah and our guide Kevan.

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Bonnie and Mr. Holcomb pickin' away...

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Peter and Dr. Hovind!

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Here is mom making a world record....her first try she shot it about 20 feet behind her. = )

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Vincent and Hannah peting the soft chinchilli.

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