May 13, 2007

Well…..the time has come. Yes. That is dramatic. *clears throat* The time has come for a new post. (That wasn’t so bad? Was it? : P )

We did our umpteenth Mother’s Day concert at the nursing home today! Yay. It was great. (Read, my voice felt really good. ; )) I shouldn’t gage how well things went by that though. I’m sure there are days we think everything went wrong and the Lord still is glorified, which is the main objective anyway!

And, the annual family photo went fine…I just wish it could have been in the same spot at last year. They had a patch of green supposing to look like a golf course on ‘our’ wall this time. was not exactly what I wanted….: P

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I took roughly 1 million pictures (hyperbole there) of a dandelion at the ‘empty lot’, our green paradise up the street. Yeah, paradise sounds a little lush but it really is just what we need, more room to spread out.

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Now, call me crazy but I liked the color and comp of this photo.

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I wasn’t intending to take it but the color of the perfume bottle was too hard to resist.

I’ve got a busy week ahead with first band rehearsal tomorrow (hello bruised and painful lips) and lots of work. : ) Tis’ good to be busy though. No pain, no gain!

So, keep on pressing on, keep up the good fight, finish the race!

2 Timothy 4:7 (New International Version)
I have fought the good fight, I have finished the race, I have kept the faith.

Let us be found faithful this week! : )

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