October 14, 2007

Date: October 14th
Time: 7:37pm
Place: Columbus, OH - the afternoon church parking lot

The church yesterday fed us donuts! Of course, I was tempted to visit the library with a Krispy Kream hat on but…..my sensible side won. : P (And, plus it clashed with my outfit.....)

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They sure were good though. : )

At the library we visited in Columbus had computers, and a FAST internet connection! They also had lots of nice books, including this one.

The pictures were AMAZING and the stories, like being covered with leaches causing the photograher to run out of the rain forest, were particularly interesting. : ) It took 16 years of traveling to get the photos for this book! He also mentioned it was hard to take pictures of these critters...I don't doubt that! I had a friendly little spider visit me while I was catching some interent on the bus roof…

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He/she moved REALLY fast. :-P I never got a good pic!

We did a concert Saturday night at the same location, near the library and it went fine….no big bad things happened! That’s always a plus. :-)

Mom found a song for my new solo and we practiced a few too many times that evening because my voice was tired before we started the concert. Oops. Lol.

Anyway….we didn’t have any place to sing this morning so Bonnie had done some research on-line and found a family integrated church, which was of the Baptist persuasion. After we got there they came out and found out who we were - I mean who has a 40 foot bus pull up in the parking lot on Sunday morning? They ended up asked us to sing a few songs in the morning. It was a little hard since we had no sound system to speak of but no one complained and we were invited back.

We sang this afternoon at a Lutheran church and of course Betty and Mart were there. : D They are so sweet and have worked SO hard to put these concerts together! The sanctuary was tall so we had some nice acoustics going there. I’ve been somewhat terrible about taking pictures otherwise I'd post a pic of the sanctuary. Maybe I’ll do better this week. We’re going to sing three times in the next 4 days and then we’re going to Kentucky! I’m looking forward to seeing the O’s again! Woohoo! I hope we have time for volleyball and of course, the quilt shop! ;-)

I don’t know what my internet connection will look like this week, but I’ll save up my posts and post them when I can. God bless you all and have a great week!

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