October 12, 2007

i'm typing with one (cold) hand while my other hand/arm is holding the computer. fun. i'm sorry it took forever to post this. this has been one of the WORST trips ever for wifi. Oh nice. I went to hit publish and it disconnected me, for the 8th time. ARRRG!!!!!


October 7th
Place - Wally World
Time - 1537
Mood - AGAIN?!

Well, another Wal-Mart and no fabric. Bonnie would really like to get some floss to start working on her new ‘chicken’ cross stitch project but they don’t have that either.

Our concert this morning went great! Bonnie’s and Mom’s mics worked nicely. It must have been the interference with the wireless signals in the city that messed them up so bad on Thursday!

We had a really nice wifi spot this morning in the church parking lot.

October 8th
Place - Guess! (ok, another Wal-Mart)
Time - 9:37pm
Mood - sleepy
Listening to Atheist Debate, Ray Comfort

Today in the West Virginia panhandle we saw…..

..an elephant..


..polar bears..




..more deer..

..like 150 deer..


..prairie dogs..


..and much more..

…of course, except for the fish they were all dead. No. They were not unusual road kill! Try, the guys were pushing to visit Cabela’s and we went. ;-) Our first visit ever to that store.

Hannah in front of the mountain of animals.

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Vincent making eye contact with the bass.

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Hannah and mom slightly worried about being….. eaten? :-P

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Are his teeth clean, Bonnie?

I don’t know you all want to see all the animal pictures so I decided to make a few montages of severely resized pictures.

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I was pleasantly surprised how much I enjoyed the visit. :-) It’s not too bad for a hunting store.

Am I ever going to have a post without talking about Wal-Mart? : P We are parked there again. But, difference between this one and a majority of the others is this one has fabric! :-D Me happy camper. Unfortunately, they were out of floss. :-/ Looks like it’s just a matter of time….and there will be nothing in the fabric department.

October 9th
Time: 0854
Mood: Happy and thoughtful

We’re still at Wal-Mart.

I have a question. Do you all these posts in a journal format like I’ve been doing ? (This whole post will be like that no matter which way the votes go…) Or, would you rather have a synopsis once a week without dates/times/etc?


We just stopped to get fuel. Only having 2 ½ inches in the tank it was probably a good idea to grab some diesel. Yep.


We’d been having a pretty uneventful day until….*crunch*

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Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

There was a small dent to the stainless as well….

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I guess we’ll learn how to replace panels.

October 10th
Time - 10:10am
Place - Flying J (truck stop)
Listening to the boy discuss the oil leak and Peer Gynt Suite/Morning

The new excitement of the day is an oil leak. Hmm. I guess someday on this trip we’ll sing again but for now we’re keeping busy with other things!

October 11th
Time - 1056
Place - St Paul Lutheran Church parking lot

Well well…we has wireless for a few minutes at Wal-Mart yesterday (the first time since Monday morning) but the connection wasn’t letting photobucket.com in sooo I didn’t post for real. What’s a post with no pictures?! There was WiFi yesterday in the thrift store parking lot but I didn’t know that until we were done shopping and it was time to move again. Argg! It looks like we won’t have a connection until Saturday if even. I’m learning patience!!!!!!!!!!!! (And, so is everyone else who’s waiting for a new post!)

But back to the thrift store. I think it rates on the very top of all thrift stores I’ve ever been to in Ohio! We spent hours there and we didn’t even get through everything. It was enormous. There was another thrift store we visited across the VERY busy street which was not terrific; no good sales, smaller selection, etc. Someone asked if I was worked at that one!! LOL. Hmmmmm…..I don’t think so.

We saw Betty and Mart M. last night and got to listen to the choir at St. Paul’s rehears!!! :) That was fun. It was much better than sitting in the bus lamenting lack of internet. :-p We’re singing here at St. Paul tonight and then we don’t sing until Saturday (the 13th).

Time - 9:45pm
Place - my bunk

Yay! The concert went so well! And, we had a very enthusiastic audience! All in all it was encouraging.

Nathan confessed to me in the bus after the concert he sings better in front of large crowds. Interesting how that works…thanks to Betty’s hard work we had a good crowd tonight.

I’ve taken very few pictures in past few days. It seems my days are spent sleeping, eating, reading, napping, more eating, and being frustrated with wifi connections that say they are there but aren‘t! :-/ I found an unsecured connection if I stand at just the right spot in front of the church and it said it connected but it only loaded two pages. It was most frustrating.

Random note: the weather is finally feeling like fall. It was rainy today and cool. I got to use my new pink $1 sweater. :)

The boys are all wired up and still talking up a storm and Vincent is trying out new hairstyles. LOL!! So maybe everyone will be quiet soon and we’ll get some sleep? :)Hopefully. ;-)

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