June 23, 2009

Ohhhh...I'm really glad I'm not a guy. I've decided I'm mostly indecisive when I have a big decision to make. And, since guys have to make lots of big ones I'm very happy being me, even though my indecisiveness frustrates me at times.

I'm borrowing Peter's laptop and I probably need to give it back to him soonish.

I guess that's it for now. :) Other than I wish the sun would come out. : ( Clouds and rain all the time. The sun peaked out last week and I promptly went outside to weed. It went in shortly after. If this is what it's like to live in the wet part of Washington state I'm going to pray I never have to live there. I really shouldn't say that. You always end up in the place you say you never will. :D I never want to live in a sunny place. There. :D Where will I end up now? :)

Have a lovely Tuesday people! :)

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