June 18, 2009

Greetings and salutations to my readership (which may include a grand total of 5) and to all lurkers and passersby people. I know I've been very laid back about 'texty' posts and this didn't go noticed by said friend Ellen who wants more text posts. Needless to say I'm going to make this a text post. I have yet to decide what I'm going to post about. None the less it will be a post with ONLY text. Ok. Maybe one picture for good measure, but no more.

I've managed to say just about nothing in that first paragraph, eh? :D

We're long back home from our extended winter tour. I miss the road. : ( I think I could go on trips and not get tired for a really long time. Or maybe get tired but not tire of traveling and ministering. I love doing what I do and using my my tiny share of talent which at times feels so unpolished for His glory. God can use a lump of clay! Isn't that awesome?! I miss the direction, too. Less clutter and more devoted time.

I've been studying up a little on photography, as you might have gathered from my recent offerings. I haven't been as serious about sticking my nose in the books as I should. I feel like I've grown but there is so much room for improvement. As one learns more one sees how much one don't know. :nods:

Other pursuits include keeping my onion patch weeded. I planted 141 onions. Vincent generously (: D) allowed me to plant them, on the condition I never would make him eat any. I'm most happy to oblige him. MORE FOR MEEEE! :D

:reprimands herself for yelling on her own blog:

*cough cough*

Where was I? Oh yes...onions! But I don't want to talk about onions any more.


God is so good. I say that over and over but it's still and will continue to be true in my life. As I grow old (no laughing now, I have grays! : P) I see more and more all that matters is what we do for HIM, the Author of Life, the Finisher of our faith, the One who reigns above in majesty supreme. Discouragement may come as we feel helpless, and weak, but we have One greater than discouragement and in our weakness HE is strong. I've been reading a great book recently about letting The Prince be in charge of your life, not just in some motions but really and truly BE in control. Check it out here. So far I highly recommend it to my female readership 18 and up.

Yours truly,

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