July 13, 2009

I had things to blog about this past weekend but I feel like I've been running nonstop since Friday. I finally sat down and caught my breath tonight. Home feels good but I'm seriously wanting to get on the road. September can't come fast enough!! Well, actually I can wait. Who really wants to be 25 already? I think I'll save my birthday for next year. :D Anyway, Long Island was this weekend and it was great. However, we did have a fun time keeping off the parkways. Wheee!! I wish there was a place to plug in 'no parkways' or maybe your vehicle height on the GPS.

An Island rose.

More later (....you should be grateful I'm cutting this short tonight as I might tell you in detail an account of the semi-boring finance committee meeting we attended tonight.... :nods:)

Gooooooood night! :)

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