January 31, 2010

Oh this has been such a fun week! I’m camped out here in my bunk chilling and trying to get caught up on writing. When you have so few wifi connections and lots going on it’s hard to keep up with everything on-line in substantial form.

We’ve had quite a few neat things to do and places to be this week and I wrote about all that over on the family blog.

I’m still in shock about visiting the Rice family. I mean, seriously, was *I* really there last night to hear all that glorious music??? It must have been a dream. :pinches herself: OUCH. Ok, ok never mind!!!! Looking forward to the February reunion. ^_^

Me butchering Chopin. :wince: I look pretty peaceful about it here… lol

On the good side, it was the nicest pianos I’ve ever played on I think.

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