February 24, 2010

Sorry for the silence! I've kinda not been taking too many pics this past week + weekend. My bad, I know....

We did get to stop at RiceHouse again before shoving off to the east coast...! Another evening of intense conversation and music making.

That was very enjoyable.

Right now, we're in Florida! It's rather gray and rainy right now. Thankfully we have a nice dry place to play at tonight. : ) It's been very nice to have some wifi to catch up on things.

Oh and I drove the bus this week! NO ONE PANIC, please. : P It really was fun actually. Driving in the car the past 7 months or so has made me much more confident on the bus.

And since it's so gray and yucky out there and probably all my readers from up north are tired of snow and cold....

Hang in there guys! Spring is coming! (Hopefully before we get home, too....lol :D )

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