February 17, 2010

Yes, I’m alive! No, I didn’t have much time to blog this week. :D And, no you may not eat your dessert before supper. ; )

Ok, so where do I start? We’ve been in CA for two weeks and I’ve officially decided (realized) it’s not WHERE you are but WHO you’re with that makes the difference in a wonderful time vs. “can we go home yet?” feeling. : ) I think I knew this before, but sometimes circumstances just bring that out so clearly. You really can’t beat fellowship with fellow believers. I’ve been so blessed and inspired to press in closer to the Lord Jesus this last week. He’s the only one worthy!

I’m so tired I think I finish writing this later. :nods a sleepy nod:

:{resumed writing the following evening}:

So where was I? Oh…yes, California! : ) Here are a few snaps from the past week and a half or so.

My sand dollar from the beach at Oceanside Harbor.

Bless the Lord oh my soul!

The heavens do declare the glory of the Lord.

Me singing at Simi Valley at night....

...some day I think I’ll try to learn how to sing without making funny faces so the photographer doesn't have to work so hard to get a good shot : P :D

It was really fun to hang out with a few photographers (Nikon users to boot!) this week, too. I love comparing notes and learning. ^_^ And, we had plenty of opportunities for photos at Yosemite!


Yes, some of us made the trip to Yosemite! Oh my MY. It was a fascinating time. Very cold for some of it, too! We had to get up reeeealy early. Like the earliest of the whole trip…like the 5am hour. : D It was so worth it though. The windy roads were bad enough to make a few on the ‘boat’ feel queasy.

Me testing the remote.

Eden C. smiling so pretty!

Philip taking some shots…

Taking shots on a bridge…

Me getting bridge shots…hehe.

It’s a semi-strange experience seeing pictures of yourself with a camera in a casual *ehem* directive non-posing atmosphere. : P

Well, this is about all I have time for tonight to post (ok it got to be morning). I’m desperately past my limit for time as it’s after 2am. We just spent a remarkable evening with some wonderful people and I’m still winding down from that.

Till next time!


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