May 18, 2010

Poppies! Such pretty, cheerful things. It's amazing how design is found ALL over creation. To start to think it just all "appeared" is so illogical.

I have got a jammed day but I wanted to stop by and blog if I could fit that in. Hannah and I are going to experiment with some photo techniques for our new album photos today, Lord willing. I'm really really excited about how the CD art is coming together. This info is probably more for the family blog but oh well. Speaking of which, I NEED to update that SOON. :) As I may have mentioned life has been a blur since we got home.

And, I guess that's all from the news desk here at Carol's Capers headquarters for today. :)


"The earth is filled with your love, O LORD; teach me your decrees."
Psalm 119:64 NIV

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