May 11, 2010


Oh what life brings you never had expected
What trials you never thought you'd face
What things you never thought you'd weather
But you have and only through His grace
Not shrinking back in fear but following His commands so dear
I see His love and care as he whispers, "fear not child, I'm right here"

Looking back through the years on the hopes and tears
Oh the laughter and joy, and pain with lessons clear
I'll never trade for what I've learned from His loving hand
As the prayer of my heart cries "draw me closer, closer Lord please!"
As my will is breaking, yes breaking more every day
I know whom I have believed and He will guide along life's way

Now the wind is blowing again, oh Lord another test?
May I be found faithful and lean on Jesus' rest.

May 11, 2010 ~ CJM

"There is no one holy [b] like the LORD;
there is no one besides you;
there is no Rock like our God."

1 Samuel 2:2 NIV

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