July 05, 2010


A Cheerful flower!

Oh, you didn't know I only had half a head? : P

The sun is gorgeous these days...but maybe some sunscreen wouldn't be such a bad idea. (The color background = awesome, the shadow = amateur!)

Hope everyone a nice weekend. :) Right before the weekend I FINALLY finished my first braided t-shirt rug. It's in the mail headed to an undisclosed location. ; ) Pics to follow this week I think....I started a new rug promptly. It's orange, aqua, lime green and pink and variants on those colors. I think Hannah is going to get this one since it fits in my room like a sore thumb. ;) It's so much more fun to make them for other people anyway. We sang Saturday, visited people Sunday and today I think we're going blueberry picking. ^_^ And, for the record I have a crazy urge to go on a long bike ride but 97+ f might not be the best weather for it.... :(


Isn't this amazing?

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