July 28, 2010

:listening to Handel's Messiah:

Looking at the heaping amount of raw materials I'm gathering for my rug project I'd say I'm going to need a whole separate room to craft in very soon. Can someone say sewing studio? Mhmm. Speaking of crafting I desperately want to weave a rug. I have a feeling it could be a total disaster or total bliss. Kinda covers most of the bases. : P If anyone needs inspiration or ideas. Flickr.com is loaded with crafty people with awesome ideas. So, here are my lastest creations..unfinished due to running OUT of fabric. Is that possible?? Hehe. ; )

In other news I have some separation anxiety. Yes I do. The lovely D90 never got unpacked from the bus and it's STILL IN THERE. That tends to happen when you arrive home at 12am, hardly open your eyes enough to find your tremendously HUGE bed and seal your eyelids till the morning light. At least I remembered to bring in the laptop....*yawn*

Random photo of the week...

The amazingly delicious sweet potato chip.

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