July 09, 2005

We did an outdoor concert today. We thought we were going to have an hour or so to set up and sing. Turns out they had a ‘professional’ sound guy and he didn’t really want us to use our system. Problem is he’s never heard us before, he doesn’t know when we change mics or when we have little solos here and there that need to be turned up higher, etc. Plus I don’t think he’s ever mixed our kind of music. I think it would have been less stressful on us to have dad running the sound like always. We only sang for half an hour. We made it through though. Another day another challenge. The really good thing is it didn’t rain and there was a very very light wind, meaning the music actually stayed on the stand! We have found plexieglass works really well for those windy days. This sounds really boring. Sorry. All the performers had a ‘sing for your supper’ type deal so I could have tried some of that homemade root beer. But, nah. I didn’t try any after I heard it tasted like alcohol, dad thought it just tasted like yeast and he said it wasn't mixing well with his hamburger. Either way, it didn’t sound good. Anyone ever tried making homemade root beer? My dad has this thingy you attach to a plastic 3 liter soda bottle to make soda. He gets the syrup concentrates for cheap at a discount store. They also have the names of several dentists right on the box. Convenient. Anyway there is a hose on the top of this thing and it’s attached to CO2 tank. You shake the bottle up and down for a minute or two then you slowly release the pressure with a valve. You MUST do it slowly or else you’re end up with sticky carbonated drink on your ceiling and in your soup. (Long story.) Looking forward to Sunday….day of rest of the weary!

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