July 10, 2005

Ah, what a lovely day it was today, at least in New England. I can't believe I didn't even leave the porch today. I was thinking about a nice little stroll around town but I felt too lazy. 'Sides it's no fun to walk alone, I would have gotten Bonnie but she was practicing and such. I feel so terrible for all those people in Florida and Alabama who got hit with the monster Dennis, so soon after Ivan. We were down there in October. Wow! What a mess they still had. From what I'm reading it doesn't look like it whammed them as bad this time.

On a different subject, I would like to use a gif as my signature when I use gmail. Does anyone have the code I need to do that? The code I was given doesn't work, maybe because gmail frown on jpgs and gifs as sigs? Any help would be appreciated!

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