July 10, 2006

Bonnie did a nice quick job summarizing our trip this weekend so I'm not going to repeat everything here. In a way I'm glad she got to it before me. It saved me some time. :-) Basically, we had a great trip and met a lot of great folks!

Some other things she left out -

*The big rug behind the stage fell down while another group was singing. Thankfully, no one was hurt!
*We made a lot of new friends and people were super friendly. (I think Bonnie said that already...oops)
*The air was so clean and fresh and the landscape was beautiful! We're considering moving up there. = ) Not in seriousness. But, it was mentioned!! We 've got to get outta this crazy-liberal-leftwing state....
*We did our very first flatbed concert on Sunday.

Anyway.... here are a few pictures she didn't blog. We really do have a TON of pictures. :-P

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No this isn't a hold up. Just a rhythm game.

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Bonnie on the way out for her run. I went with her but I had SHOES on. I know. I'm a wimp.

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I thought this one tunred out kind of nice.

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On the flatbed Sunday afternoon.

It's too late to work on anymore pictures. I'll have to edit this post another time when I'm *yawn* more awake.....

*big yawn*
So, I'll leave you with this...

Do everything without complaining or arguing,....
Phil 2:14 NIV

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