August 31, 2006

Wow. What a day. What a loong few days! Yesterday’s news is old already so it’s probably a good thing I didn’t post anything. Haha.

The bus is our transportation to concerts. No bus, no concert. We were pushing the deadline to get the bus together for a concert Wednesday. We actually got it to start and moved it down the driveway. We had earlier that day moved a stack of lumber to make room for the backhoe. We eventually realized it was too long for the spot we cleared. AHHH! Not good. Then, dad peeked under the bus and found it was leaking WAY too much oil to take it out. So, we canceled that concert. AH! Not good. At this point we were canceling the whole trip. We can’t take a bus with leaky hoses, blue smoke and who knows what else, out on a long trip. It’s just not a good idea. I know this whole thing has been very stressful on dad. Thank you everyone for your prayer for us. I know the Lord will have His way in all of this. “And we know that ALL things…..”

So this morning, we’re back on track. Vincent amazingly found the hydraulic hose we needed in our massive collection of stuff. (See??! It pays to buy things in advance and store them! :-P ) They worked on it all day and took it on a test drive. Looks like it has all the same problems it did before we started off on the ‘change engine’ quest - stalling and underpowered on hills. Please pray we make it off OK on Saturday. We have a lot to do.

Oh, and the backhoe is going to be moved tomorrow morning to another storage location due to the cooperative town. We won’t have to deal with a more permanent storage solution until we get back. We’re praising the Lord for the semi temporary storage place we found! God is good.

And one picture to close this all off….

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What happens when you spend a day cleaning three years worth of oil and dirt off a 6V92? This picture.
: D (And a blue engine!)

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