September 30, 2006

The news is that the bus is fixed! PTL! What a tremendous victory and answer to prayer. Check out Bonnie’s site for a succinct explanation!

We sang after church at the Myer’s house on Sunday.
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From Sunday afternoon...
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How many people can you fit on a golf cart?

We’ve been phoning people in this area to schedule concerts. Last night, at just the right time, someone called us to sing this Saturday. So, we’ll be here at least until then. We’re praying for God’s plan to be made clear where and when to go from here.

We are so grateful that the Lord brought the Myers into our lives and we appreciate their friendship and commitment to the Lord so very much. I know y’all, or most of y’all, will be reading this so, thank you guys, again.

More pictures…..

I know I’ve slacked off on getting these out. I haven’t been taking many recently so some of these are from Hannah Myers. Thanks Hannah. :-)

We’ve been playing volleyball almost every night.
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Vincent and Peter felt confident to take on everyone else. They beat us!

Bonnie and I have been learning how to quilt with the quilter and teacher, Hannah.

The quilting bug has bitten hard. :) Bonnie’s planning on finishing two more before we leave.
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The finished products.
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Up close.

I’m looking forward to setting up some space at home to start quilting more seriously. I think if I rearrange my room I will be able to set up a desk and use the new industrial machine we’re suppose to take home with us. ;-)

We’ve also been playing Dutch Blitz A LOT. :D Dad started playing and we even got mom and Mrs. Myers to join us one night.

We’ve been helping Jonathan on his house and Mr. M on his. The echo in the house was fantastic for a capella singing. :-) It’s so pleasant to join voices to praise God!

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