September 10, 2006

September 9

For some strange reason it feels like we’ve been on the road for a month and it’s barely been a week! Today our day consisted of lots of travel time, Flying Js, rest areas, Wal-Marts and divine appointments.

We visited the Flying J in the city of the great massacre in Iowa. Case in fact, 15 MCI 9 busses were delivered to Davenport, IA, from Hollandale MN, and CRUSHED! *sob* *sniff* We did not witness the atrocity but we know it’s true. *sigh*

While we were at yet another Flying J in Iowa and waiting for people to take showers parked next to the curb we saw a vanity plate on a truck that said ’evangelist’ (or something to that effect) getting fuel behind us. The conversation in the bus quickly turned to “Does he know about Ray Comfort?”. Peter got out and gave him a CD. He talked to him for a little while and Peter came back to the bus. A little while later he came over to the bus and told us the CD was a God sent. He had a rough morning, including being over charged $400 for a repair on the truck. He said he was a preacher and the scripture we had on the front was one of his favorite scriptures. We were so glad the Lord led us to right place at the right time to encourage him! When he was leaving the lot we found out he was from Connecticut and he knew where Orange was. J

When we visited Wal-Mart this afternoon and Bonnie and I looked at the fabrics. OHHH. I want to quilt so bad! They had some very nice looking oriental fabrics on clearance, BUT, I restrained myself, or should I say my funds restrained me. ;-) It’s a good thing I don’t bring in too much money inside the store at a time….lol.

We stopped at a rest area in Minnesota and we were all able to stretch our legs a bit. Now, back in New York there was a convict on the loose, “Buckie Phillips”, with a $250,000 reward. This Buckie guy shot two police officers, one of which died the morning we were there. Ok, that’s the background to this story. So, Vincent started a conversation with a man at the rest area and was witnessing to him. The man, ‘Shawn’ turns out to be Jehovah Witness. Vincent returned to the bus and mom and dad started talking to the guy, and now he said his name was “Rob”. Hmmmm…Peter confirmed that he told them ’Shawn’ and mom was sure she heard ‘Rob’. Our curiosity was peeked and we were getting suspicious! Two names? A young child with him that he ‘claimed’ was his adopted daughter? Three different license plates? It made for interesting conversation but of course we knew it couldn’t be Buckie! Right!? Right. Lol I know it’s crazy, but we thought it was funny…..

September 10
We got to arrived at our ‘gypsy’ camp in Hollandale, MN Saturday. Remember, we were there this summer? We got the axle and several hubs loaded on the trailer. It was cloudy and cool. Thankfully, it didn’t rain!

We arrived at the church in Albert Lea at 7:00pm. This is our third visit to this church. We called them back in 2004 on our first fall trip. J They have a wonderful acoustics in the sanctuary. Bonnie, mom and I played and practiced until 9 pm.

The concert this morning went great. They had a lot of visitors and a dinner afterward. It was nice to see familiar faces!

We’re on the way to Mason City, IA tonight and then up and on to Fargo, ND by tomorrow night. Please keep the bus in your prayers and we have a whole 4 weeks blank on the calendar. Do you know anyone in OK or TX?? Let us know…

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