September 07, 2006

I'm going to try to reply to the comments on the last post. We'll see what happens! WiFi is fickle!


September 6

As we went by Lake Erie this big mural caught my eye.

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We crossed the Michigan border the afternoon of the 5th. Our first time in Michigan, ever! When we arrived in Westland, MI our first stop was Westland Music. It turns out they didn’t have anything we originally set out for, but, we did end up buying a violin. :-) It needs some decent strings and then we'll be able to evaluate if this one will replace the one I’m using now. It’s much, much louder with $3 strings than mine is already...

We met Kendra in person! Yay! (For some strange reason you're not in my links section, how did that happen??!)

This was our debut concert in Michigan….

She has all the pictures of the concert (any good ones??), but here are the pictures of afterward….

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Paster Roberts and wife, Kendra and Scott, and us.

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Bonnie, Kendra, and me.

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Nathan was snapping and Kendra is telling him to stop here.

We've been stopping at Flying J's all day. It's scary, I'm starting to recognize's getting like 'Oh, we were just here!'

Not much is happening except traveling, eating, etc., etc. The bus is having more and more black smoke. Hmmm. Turbo dying??? We'll see.

Thank you for all your prayers!!

~Onward to Minnesota~

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