November 17, 2006

No, I haven’t died. I think I might have ‘bloggers block.’ I’ve been woefully uninspired to blog since we’ve been home. Post trip blues? Nah. I’ve been enjoying being home. Every minute! Even the part where I caught a cold from Bonnie and Nathan. How fun is that?! : D If I would stop going to bed at late hours I might recover. ;-)

I’ve been doing a lot of quilt piecing recently! I have color coordinated fabric stacked in bins sitting on my floor and the temptation is just too much. :D I have a sewing machine in working order, a desk, and an iron. I’m a happy camper. :-) I’ve been working this pattern. I made some stupid, not-thinking mistakes while cutting and first one and had to scrap it. It was NOT salvageable! I’ll probably use it for paper piecing (my new favorite quilting technique besides appliqué). I’ll have to explain paper piecing but not now. Anyway, after finishing the second one I knew I wanted to make more.
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I’ve got 16 fan bunches done and two completed blocks.
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This going to be great. It’s my first appliqué and it’s way easier than I thought this type of quilting would be. The curve on the fan would have scared me stiff before but now that I know how it's done it's not difficult. Mom’s starting to talk about making a quilt now. :-) We're rubbing off on her.

I put new strings on my violin and there is a WORLD of a difference. It’s absolutely wonderful and I’m so excited about practicing. It’s sounds luscious. I can’t wait a year to change strings again!

Don't forget to check out this auction. It's hilarious! Then again, maybe not.

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