April 23, 2007

This weekend was fun, busy, full and *yawn* tiring! : P

I left the camera home on Saturday (unintentionally) so I have nothing to post from that day. The sun was shinning and spring was certainly in the air. We arrived at a place called Thompson House in Vermont in plenty of time for the 2:00pm concert. Vincent thought he should do some push-ups while we were waiting, positioning his head directly over a patch of crocuses. Hmm. (A pic would be nice here.)

I wish I had the exact quote but while we were setting up I overheard a group of older ladies discussing how our DDX3216 (mixer) must be a typewriter. It looked that way to them at least!

The Kochers (Daniel and Abigail) arrived all the way from PA in time to hear us. Imagine bumping into them in Vermont. ; ) They set a new record for groupies, 6 hours one way. Thanks for coming! (Btw, we missed you Susanna!)

We went down to the music store in Brattleboro and saw the hairpin turn we got stuck on last time. Oh, what memories! *dramatic sigh* : P

The concert at night went fine. My throat felt really ‘small’ but everything came off fairly well. *phew* Even though the cold turned out very mild I’d been dizzy/slightly spacey on and off since Friday. (Please, don’t remind me I’m always spacey. Thank you.) Thankfully my throat was feeling REALLY good until after I started talking to folks afterward. :-P Over talking is not a good thing. But, how else are you suppose to deal with all of the 101 people who want to ask questions? I must admit, all this talking is giving me good practice at answering nosy questions diplomatically. : D (Right, Abigail? LOL)

After the evening service a farmer invited us over to his farm! They have 350 cows and get up at 3:00am in the morning to tend to them. They sent us home with milk and eggs! Yummy!

We said goodbye to our company Sunday afternoon…

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(Sorry about all the shadows….)

Sunday afternoon we went to Troy, NH. We were so busy looking at Mt. Monadnock we passed right by the church. Haha.

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The church did a really nice job advertising and we had a very good turn out! I got a lesson in playing spoons from Fran afterward. (Hi! If you’re reading this. : ) ) We met a lot of nice people and enjoyed fellowship over refreshments.

I was so tired and feel asleep on the way home. The joys of traveling in a bus with bunks!

Band stuffing tonight (AHHHHH!!!) and work this afternoon…hey, maybe tomorrow will be slower.

Have a nice week folks. : )

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