September 09, 2005

The count down is on! By the end of next week we should be on the road again. I don't know how often I'm going to be near a computer to blog... you'll just have to check back once in a while to see.

On the way to work I nearly bumped into this guy coming out of a bar. So, I handed him an IQ test and walked off. I'm having second thoughts about giving tracts out men if I'm alone after he yelled after me 'hey, do you want to go out sometime?" SCARY! Not on my life mister. I gave another one away to a lady not far from that same spot and she thanked me for it. I was so surprised. Hardly anyone thanks me for one. The million dolar bills are popular. Although I did have a little gal, probably 6 years old turn me down. :p

Check out Lora's and Lindsay's Blogs for first hand information from a shelter in Texas and at the Astrodome in Huston.

Till next time...

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