September 01, 2005

Happy September everyone! August has flown by and left some happy memories.

  • my 21st birthday
  • the bus passed inspection
  • a new powered drivers seat for dad
  • Vincent's 16th b-day
  • my room was painted
  • picture for the CD cover was taken
  • BBQ at the empty lot

As we move forward into September the big topic is the trip. I started packing yesterday. Two shirts are in the 'go' pile. And I started to look for the right bags to put everything in. One problem with packing for a trip like this is everything we take gets washed over and over and over again, so we end up ruining everything we bring, or just about. So the key is to bring things you like but wouldn't mind throwing out or demoting to a work outfit when returning home. And since we will be in so many different climates having a summer, fall and winter clothing at your finger tips is important.

Till next time...

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