September 10, 2005

I spent a better part this warm day cleaning the driveway, working on the bus and shoveling dirt. We got a bunch of work done. I think we’re all ready for Sunday, the day of rest. : )

After a yummy Italian supper of spaghetti and meatballs I sat down to work on my baby which has been out of commission for weeks now. The new strings (Red Label and Prim) came last week and I was excited about trying them. Dad put the gut back on which I was afraid to do alone and after I put on the fine tuners and glued the nut back on I started to tune it up. It would NOT tune up. The bridge keeps popping out and the whole assembly seems to be crooked. WAAAAAA! Alrighty, enough griping about my petty fiddle troubles. Someday we’ll make sweet music together again…. Someday.

This is the promised pic of the little sweetie mouse that the kids treed.

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: P

Have a great weekend!

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