April 12, 2006

Provbers 12:1 Whoever loves discipline loves knowledge, but he who hates correction is stupid.

I suppose the tv taping Monday wasn’t a complete loss. We did get some cardiovascular exercise moving the equipment up three flights of stairs. (Yeah, they did have an elevator, but we need to stay in shape. Too much lazing off and we’ll get soft ya know. We used it on the way back down. lol) It would have helped if they actually mixed the voices instead of boosting one person and practically forgetting about everyone else. The DVD they gave us is now in protective custody. Humm, actually….one song turned out presentable. Probably because it was a single voice with backup instruments, fairly simple. I guess for next time we’ll know to mix it ourselves! Check out Bonnie's site for pics.

I had the chance to ‘jam’ with a classical violin player on Friday. I’m always looking for tips and this was a nice chance to learn. It’s funny how so many players have different opinions on rosin! I don’t think the general idea of using rosin is debated it’s more how much and which kind. Light or dark? Just until it sounds right or enough so it ‘smokes’? I just don’t know….

Enough about rosin. Here’s a sample from the MacDonald Family vault of very old pictures.

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Do I look hungry or happy?

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