April 06, 2006

We finally got to eat Daniel’s birthday cake! Mom made it yesterday and we gobbled it down late yesterday afternoon right before we rushed out the door for a concert.

He wanted ‘dirt’ cake, which includes pudding, non-dairy whipped topping, and Oreo cookies. A nice gooey combination! Thanks for being born Daniel. : )

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I started this quilt right before we left for Texas.
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Yesterday afternoon I semi finished it. Next time I’ve got to get matching thread to piece it together. And it’s not like I didn’t have a choice, I just thought white won’t show. Ha! Even though I’m disappointed with the outcome it was a fun project! Live and learn….

Last but not least....check out the new link to Christian Aid on the sidebar. A wonderful ministry reaching souls with the gospel through indigenous missionaries. I was touched by the letter from the editor for the Christian Aid magazine, a Ms. West. She shared at letter of a man who had contributed $10. He was embarrassed by his small donation but felt the Lord was convicting him to give. He also shared he had once enjoyed much but was now living in the basement of a small church and making money selling plasma. Wow. How inspiring is that? Struggling to survive and still sensitive to needs of others. Inspiring.

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