April 27, 2006

Since my last post had to do with Vincent and his banjo...

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Consider this the vintage pic of the week.

Other things to blog about;

- The MacDonald Family Singers have officially started their second album! April 16,2006, at approximatly 6:17 pm. They are planning to complete it twice as fast as the last one. So, be looking for it sometime next spring. Prayers are appreciated!

- I've caught a cold. Thank you Vincent and Daniel...

- I'm looking for someone to re-hair some fiddle bows. Can anyone recommend someone?

- Check out www.macdonaldfamilysingers.com for two new photo albums. Thanks Bonnie for all your hard work on the website!

- I saved the url to this. I'm not sure why! ???????

- Here's a better one. One of my favorites!!

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