May 19, 2006

Going to the nursing home and singing and playing for the residents is such a blessing. Once in a while you get a comment and you wonder ‘where did that come from?!’ lol

Yesterday at the nursing home I was informed that I’d better be careful that Hannah’s long hair didn’t choke her. This sweet old lady proceeded to tell me her former neighbor had nearly choked to death on her hair but they ‘caught her just in time’. (It’s unclear if the gal got hair down her throat or it wrapped around her neck. ??) I assured her I’d try to keep Hannah from choking. “You’d better’ was the reply. I’ve never worried about choking on my hair. The only time I can think of it being even close to strangling me is swimming without pulling it up or putting it in a braid. I do have personal experience that electric drills and long hair don’t mix. But that’s another story for another time…lol

Wednesday night we sang at church founded by Dwight L. Moody! Well, the original building burned back in 1970’s but they rebuilt on the same lot. It has an original foundation stone dated 1888.

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Pretty cool. Hannah actually got some pics of us singing. But, I can’t get them off the camera due to cord issues. :(

The acoustics were so so neat. A very ‘live’ room.

We had a great unexpected visit from our friend Mrs. M. She was on the way somewhere else. She saw the sign, stopped and stayed for the concert. :-) PTL for perfect timing!

Here are some other pics from Wednesday night……

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Matthew and Vincent

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Mom, Bonnie, Dad and Daniel (waaaay in the back)
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