May 14, 2006

We did our annual Mothers Day concert at a local nursing home this afternoon.

The place packed out by 2:15pm even though when we arrived about an hour earlier we commented on how few people were there. All seats taken and overflow in the other room! Half the people in there couldn’t see us.

I couldn’t remember if the spot they had us sing in shrunk or we got bigger and brought more stuff! Strange how perspectives change as you get older... (LOL, inside joke.) I can clearly remember the ‘mountain’ in the backyard of our old church. Turns out it’s only a little hill….:(

So back to the concert. Considering we haven’t sung since April it went smoothly. *phew* I don’t think we forgot anything, even though there was momentary concern for the keyboard power supply and pedal. And I don’t think we missed too many words either! I absolutely refused to bounce on the “Smile” song even though I was being poked and nudged by people.

I don’t understand how I can play violin at home and then perform terribly in public! I have to get a strict rigid practice routine. Like no breakfast unless I've already practiced for 5 hours and no computer until I've done 10 hours each day. Haha, not really but I think I need more structure. I need fiddle to be like second nature…

Afterward we ate cream puffs *sigh* and drank strawberry punch. Oh my, I blew any resolve I had to eat less junk food. But, today is Sunday. Shouldn’t that be a feast day? I need to get on the NordicTrack or something….it’s been really damp, grey weather here. It’s been raining for almost a week and no end in sight. That's not very encouraging for exercise! Bonnie is such a trooper...rain, snow, sleet, mist, fog, hail(?), tornado (??) hurricane (????!) a running she will go.

We had a surprise visit from the Skinner family, our family friends we met years ago! Too bad they had to listen from another room; they couldn‘t see us very well from around the corner!

Here’s some of us and some of them -

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We also got to visit Big Bear and Betty Bear, our friends from New York.

Here is a very recent pic of us. It was taken probably less than two hours ago…if you go back in the archives you’ll find the family pic (minus dad) taken exactly one year ago on the same wall.

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I can’t believe how fast the guys are growing….lol….but Peter might be up on his toes. :-)

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