May 18, 2006

Today I found out that procrastination and collecting ‘junk’ can pay off. I say can because I know it doesn’t always. ;-) Someone gave me a window with six panes with fabric stretched across the back. It looked classic (I though) but ever since dad gave me hard time for accepting I felt like ‘duh what were you thinking? You have no place to display it and everyone else thinks it‘s ugly‘. (This is the junk part.) Sitting in my room collecting dust I knew I had to return it. The problem was I didn’t want to lug it down the street and explain why I didn’t want it. (That’s the procrastinating part.)

Tonight mom and I talked about the new blue bathroom color and how we need to make the room ‘open up’ a little. It was resembling an underwater sea cave by now and something needed to be done and soon! All of a sudden I said, ’We need a window in here!’. Of course. Just put a window in. Riiight. Wait, we can do that! We disused what on earth we would find or print to put in each pane. My thoughts flew to the tropical ocean calendar I had purchased with the intent of framing the pictures after the year was over. Some how it got wet and the corners had stuck together. Trimming the bad spots I figured I could eventually frame them, when I got around to it, had the time, and had the gumption, etc., etc.. (I guess that’s procrastination and junk saving all put together!) Soooo, we cut some pictures out and PTL, it turned out cool! Now we don’t have a underwater cave. We now have a tropical vacation spot to brush our teeth. :-)

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I’m not sure if this is enjoyable to read, but, we sure had fun putting the room together!

I have lots to blog about from yesterday and today, but we’re enforcing the 10:00 pm rule tonight.

…Till next time….

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